Massive ‘Raw Data’ Update Adds New Mission, Enemies, and Features to VR Action Game

by David Jagneaux • August 26th, 2016

Raw Data is one of the best games on the HTC Vive and it isn’t even finished yet. In a world where people are clamoring for meatier content that’s more than just a tech demo, Raw Data was like a breath of fresh air when it landed in Early Access last month and debuted at #1 on the Steam Top Seller list on the day it launched. The co-op action game from Survious came out with a hefty amount of content by VR game standards, and continues to add more as it marches towards a full release.

What makes Raw Data special, is that it not only allows players to freely move around the environment using a sprint-based teleportation mechanic, but it also features intense cooperative multiplayer. Finding people to play VR games with is a hurdle in the early ages of adoption, but a game that caters to that type of gameplay so well is encouraging.

Today’s massive update further demonstrates that fact, adding a litany of new enemies, features, and even a brand new mission. According to an official statement provided by a PR representative, the update includes:

New Mission – Nuke Fusion
Experience an all-new Data Chamber-centric area of Eden Corp. Shoot enemies and dodge death beams as you teleshift across precarious platforms, all radiating from the massive reactor powering Eden’s facilities.

New Enemy – Mega Dynomo
With your continuous disruptions of their plan, Eden Corp had to bring out the big guns–literally. Meet the Mega Dynomo: your encounter with him is certain to be smashing. (Pro tip: if you don’t want to deal with the Mega, make taking out those bots booking it to the reactor your top priority!)

New Enemy – Beamfire Mekomo
The upgraded model of the Burstfire Mekomo (of which you’ve already destroyed hundreds) fires solid plasma energy beams with far greater accuracy than its spray-and-pray brethren.

New Defense – Plasma Turret
Turrets: they’ve always got your back. Now you can get an even more powerful version that eschews lasers in favor of plasma-powered directed-energy beams.

New Feature – Rack-Up Screen
Once you’re back in the showroom after completing a mission, Mission Control will share a Data Link displaying your total uploaded raw data, mission scores, Crypto currency rewards, and available unlocked technologies–a.k.a. everything you need to know.

New Feature – Difficulty System
Whether you go it alone or team up with a fellow operative, now you can adjust how hard-hitting Eden’s security system handles your infiltration. There’s even a Nightmare mode for those daring (or foolish) enough to face a truly brutal challenge…

New Feature – Leaderboards
Think you’re the top of SyndiK8’s rankings? Now you can find out for sure with official Raw Data global rankings for individual players! (Note: leaderboards will be periodically cleared throughout Early Access period.)

New Feature – Multiplayer Quickplay
Team up and jump in. What are you waiting for? Humanity depends on you!

In addition to the outlined new additions, the update also delivers a slew of fixes to the existing game too. Balancing adjustments have been instituted for the various different characters, as well as  several bug fixes.

Raw Data is available for download on Steam for $39.99 in Early Access with HTC Vive support, including tracked motion controllers and room-scale support.

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