Merge VR Unveils the Merge Cube and Miniverse

by Ryan Winterhalter • August 1st, 2017

Merge VR, makers of the kid-targeted mobile VR headset Merge Goggles, announced the release of their newest augmented reality project, the Merge Cube. The Cube’s companion app replaces the toy with a variety of augmented reality objects. These objects can be educational, such as a fully articulated and labeled human skull, or just for fun, like an interactive pet alien. Wal-Mart will exclusively sell the Merge Cube for $14.99.

Merge also announced their new VR/AR platform, Merge Miniverse. With curated apps designed to work with both the Goggles and Cube, Miniverse is a family-friendly portal designed to ensure ubiquitous kid-appropriate VR/AR content is available to customers.

To keep kids and families coming back, the company announced the Merge AR|VR Developer Fund last month. The $1 million fund aims to support content creators who produce experiences compatible with Merge’s product line.

In a statement announcing the release of the Cube, co-founder Andrew Trickett stated, “With an innovative product like Merge Cube, we wanted to expand our support of the dev community to encourage innovation and creativity for all AR/VR platforms. The Goggles and Cube, paired with original apps and those coming in from third-party app developers, provide a hands-on, educational virtual space for a new generation.”

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