Microsoft Is Making First-Party Content For Its Windows 10 VR Headsets

by Jamie Feltham • July 17th, 2017

Microsoft will need the support of the greater VR development community if its new Windows 10 Mixed Reality VR headsets are to succeed when they launch later this year, but what about potential first-party content too? That’s in the works already, the company assures.

Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft general manager Dave McCarthy stated that “several” of the company’s first-party studios are working on content for the headsets, which are made in partnership with companies like Acer, Dell, and Asus.

“I would say developers are still finding their way to define the killer experience there, which is great at this point in its evolution overall,” McCarthy said. “We believe in it enough that we have several of our first-party studios actually working on content for our Windows 10 devices. We’ll have more to talk about later this year on that.”

That might mean that some big developers that have made some of the best Xbox games are working on new content for these devices. Microsoft-owned studios include 343 Industries, which works on the Halo series, Forza developer Turn 10, and Gears of War 4 studio The Coalition. We’d love to see VR content from any one of these studios or others like Rare. In fact one studio, Mojang, already worked on VR when it brought Minecraft to the Oculus Rift last year.

The question is if this content could then later come to Xbox One X, Microsoft’s improved console that’s set to support VR in some form later down the line.

Microsoft has in the past assured us that its Mixed Reality headsets will very much be entertainment devices when they launch later this year, so we can expect a line-up of games to be ready for the device. With first-parties working on the kit, however, we’re far more intrigued to see what’s on the way. Halo VR, anyone?

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  • dan bryant

    If Microsoft make their first party games exclusive to this headset on PC it’s going to fail hard

    • Walextheone

      That doesn’t even make sense. It’s common practice. Xbox / PS / Nintendo, Apple’s stuff etc

      • dan bryant

        You’re a console gamer aren’t you
        I said on PC!!!
        Be sure to understand what was said before jumping on your high horse.

        • Walextheone

          No I’m not.
          The logic stands. First party games does not mean anything fails. The example I gave is the proof from some well known companies using that strategy.

    • Shawn MacDonell

      It will be exclusive to the Windows Store / Windows Mixed Reality platform most likely, we don’t know yet whether it would support other HMDs (i.e. Rift, Vive); I believe I remember Microsoft stating they would support other HMDs but the companies behind said HMDs would have to put Windows Mixed Reality support in themselves (i.e. Microsoft won’t use a wrapper method akin to Valve’s OpenVR).

      • Mane Vr

        this is true that y I see oculus will be able to be use with windows mix reality because oculus allow they HMD to be use with 3rd play sdk. but I doubt Vive will be because value and htc don’t give vive owner the option to use 3rd party sdk

  • Windows 10 is a platform, so if an experience works for PC, should work on Xbox as well. Anyway, Microsoft has a long road to go to reach Oculus with quality content…

    • Joe Black

      If they support SteamVR it should be fine.

  • VRGR Anth

    We are already midway through July, and they haven’t shown any exclusive software for these things yet, which seems somewhat puzzling. Isn’t one of these headsets expected in mid to late August?

    • I think the Developer Editions are being released in August, the consumer versions don’t have a release date besides “Holiday 2017” yet.

  • I’d like to see Microsoft do a VR/MR reboot of:

    Crimson Skies

    and if they can get Rare onboard to do it, a VR sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

    • Joe Black

      Microsoft flight simulator? hehe

      Although I dare say Google could do it better now with their vast Google Earth IP.

  • Joe Black

    This hunt for the killer app… Relax a bit please. The possibilities are vast. There will be many, many killer apps.