Microsoft Promises ‘Biggest’ E3 Ever As Xbox VR Support Remains In Question

by Jamie Feltham • March 14th, 2018

This time last year we had all our money on an E3 reveal for Microsoft’s Xbox VR plans. The company’s Xbox One X had first been teased in 2016 as a machine capable of “high-fidelity VR” and it made sense that we’d see what it was capable off at gaming’s biggest show. Well, that didn’t happen, but we’ve still got our fingers crossed for this year, especially as Microsoft is promising big things.

The official Xbox website today told fans to ready for its “biggest presence ever” at the show which runs from 12th – 15th June 2018. In the same message, the company confirmed that its traditional press conference will be taking place at the Microsoft Theater at 1PM PT on June 10th. More details about the company’s E3 showing are expected to be revealed next month.

You can be sure that will mean an influx of new games to showcase the 4K capabilities of Xbox One X. But what about the long-rumored VR support?

Sadly, the post doesn’t contain any hints for VR, but Microsoft previously promised to bring “mixed reality”, a term it uses to describe everything from HoloLens to the PC-based VR headsets it launched last year, to Xbox One X in 2018. There have also been hints that the company’s plan for VR on Xbox includes a wireless headset and not one of its existing Windows devices, made in partnership with companies like Dell and Samsung.

All that said, Microsoft has given something of a mixed message about VR since Xbox One X’s debut last June, so it’s hard to say if these plans are still intact. If they are, then we certainly hope this E3 is the one we finally hear about Xbox VR during.

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  • Konchu

    I would love to see MS do some VR stuff on Xbox One X. Mixed realitys inside out tracking works way better that the old PSVR move controllers. And it seems PSVR is doing alright it still seems to be getting decent support. I imagine they may be holding for market penetration of the X though if they don’t support the old hardware for VR that does limit sales a ton. But they could work this into their cross-buy thing and boost there PC presence at the same time.

    • daveinpublic

      Not sure why they wouldn’t move forward with VR. PS was able to do it, and they don’t even have the Hololens and the WMR stuff and the controllers already basically designed and the inside out tracking done. Plus, it’s another use case for the upgraded Xbox, another reason to get the latest and greatest console, apparently the most powerful one out there?

      • Eddie Barsh

        Yes!!! Exactly! You would think it would have done been out by now since they seem to obviously have the technology to at least match or surpass PSVR !

      • Logan5

        The biggest reason is that they don’t want to do VR until the headset can be wireless. Secondly, Microsoft has been waiting to see if developers could move VR software beyond the present collection of glorified tech demos and instead create full-fledged games and experiences that are compelling enough to drive mass VR adoption.

  • Eddie Barsh

    Please be Xbox VR.

  • Sky Hoover

    Well I really hoping for vr however E3 is only 3 months away and not even a rumor seams pretty discouraging