Microsoft Studios Developing Multiple Windows VR Games, Won’t Talk Xbox

by David Jagneaux • November 10th, 2017

Microsoft’s powerful 4K console, the Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio) just released to the public this week. As the most powerful video game console ever made it outpaces even the PS4 Pro and virtually any PC that you could build or buy for the same $499 price tag. But one thing is sorely missing that was touted all the way back at E3 2016: virtual reality support.

Back then, a whole year and a half ago, VR support was confirmed and Microsoft even announced at its press conference that Fallout 4 VR would be making its way to the console at some point. Well, Fallout 4 VR is set to launch on the HTC Vive next month and we’ve got no indication of when exactly it’s coming to the Xbox One X, although we do know it is coming. All we’ve heard in the past year is that Windows Mixed Reality content, otherwise known as Windows VR in all honesty, is coming to Xbox One X at some point in 2018. According to Microsoft, it doesn’t want to “distract” developers with VR support just yet.

Recently we reached out to Microsoft for comment on the status of VR support for the Xbox One X now that it has officially launched and a spokesperson had the following to say:

“Microsoft is committed to delivering great mixed reality gaming experiences. We believe that right now a Windows PC is the best platform for mixed reality as its open ecosystem and enormous installed base offer the best opportunity for developers, and Windows offers the most choices for consumers. Therefore, our primary focus is making our Windows Mixed Reality experiences a success. We have games from Microsoft Studios in development for Windows Mixed Reality, and several game developers are working closely with us to bring their titles to Windows Mixed Reality. Because of the opportunity with Windows Mixed Reality, and because we believe the user experience will be best on PC right now, that is where our focus is. We have nothing to share about mixed reality for console at this time.”

Basically they’re committed to supporting the budding line of Windows Mixed Reality headsets (note: we refer to these as Windows VR headsets because “mixed reality” is often used to refer to forms of augmented reality, but that’s not what the Windows headsets do. They’re VR headsets through and through so we call them as much.) We’ve already reviewed the Acer, covered the HP, recently received the Lenovo and area trying out the Samsung Odyssey very soon. Naturally, they want to nail support for these first and foremost. And notably, it sounds like Microsoft Studios is working on multiple different games. Hopefully they’ll all be better than the disappointing Halo Recruit experience.

All in all we don’t have much of an update yet, but we’re trying to get answers. When we know more, we’ll keep you informed. How do you feel about the prospect of Windows VR and Xbox One X VR at this point? Let us know down in the comments below!

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  • Ted Joseph

    Currently having a blast with the Rift (Arktika), but decided to purchase a Samsung VR headset and Samsung VR ready notebook as I want freedom to move the system from room to room, or friends place, or on the road etc. I think Microsoft is going to be the best overall VR experience over the next few years as they have many resources to apply to the games and experiences. I am however very excited about the stand alone Santa Cruz from Oculus, and the Pimax with 200Deg FOV!

  • bschuler

    It could easily be that Microsoft is hedging their bets. If Windows VR headsets fail or become a joke, they don’t want to tie that anchor to their Xbox. So why not wait and see how well the do, or big they fail, and then decide if Windows VR headsets are Xbox VR headsets or if instead, you sign an agreement with SteamVR or something and try something new.

    • Avatar Roku

      I don’t think so. More likely that MS is buying time to build first party VR games for Xbox and Windows MR. Also the number of people who have an Xbox One X is extremely small right now and the number who would have both Xbox One X and a VR headset would be even smaller. When they have millions of consoles on the market they will launch VR headsets and games for Xbox. I don’t think there is any chance whatsoever that Microsoft is walking away from Mixed Reality. The CEO has said the 3 biggest projects at MS right now are AI, Mixed Reality (including HoloLens), and Quantum Computing. The decisions and roadmaps that MS makes are done years in advance. You don’t just snap your fingers and create a first party launch games lineup. Xbox also knows they’re years behind PSVR now so they’re going to have to make sure Xbox VR has a big launch.

      • Jack Mehoff

        Zip it

  • Eddie Barsh

    Not positive but I believe Xbox will announce at E3 2018 they’re gonna make WMR compatible w the Xbox One X. Which probably means it won’t happen until 3rd or 4th quarter 2018 so basically another year from now.. Xbox will show up to the party late as usual. They’ve lost so many customers who switched to Sony for their PSVR headset. Myself, and manynof my friends switched from Xbox to Sony just to play their VR since its the only headset at the console level. Their stance on VR has been a mockery and a joke. First it was yes we will have VR and Fallout 4 at launch for the X then it was no, then it was yes then it was concerns about the wires (although 500 million dollars from Sony says that’s not as issue) then it was no again and now apparently its yes. They’re so dysfunctional. No wonder they’re 3rd in sales behind Sony and Nintendo

    • TimothyStone

      Well honestly I could care less about PSVR. Who wants to spend yet another $400 on another better product when you can do it right from the beginning. I would rather have a wireless headset with inside-out tracking than that horrible PSVR version. Not to sound like a fanboy, but come on. Sony jumped in way too early and it shows.

      VR up to this point has been a disappointment because it’s simply just tech demos and a few obscure games that nobody cares about.

      There is a reason that most people haven’t jumped in.

      • jermaine Williams

        The PSVR is hot right now and was rooting for Xbox to come out with a VR headset and now they are really disappointing me. Xbox need to hurry up and hop on board

        • TimothyStone

          Well, Sony was giving them away for $200. That doesn’t sound hot at all. When you have to drop the price so low that it’s below the value of the unit, that’s not a good thing.

      • Eddie Barsh

        Yeah your statement looks silly now.. PSVR is selling like crazy, marketing has picked up, all kinds of games are in developmentdevelopment. PSVR has YouTube VR plus Netflix VR and Facebook VR is coming

        • TimothyStone

          Still tech demos. Sony jumped in too early as usual and VR on the Platform has stalled. Sure there are a few buyers as Sony has almost given them away for free at $200.

          Sony should have waited until they could have done VR right, but ya know, it’s Sony.

          • jermaine Williams

            The price drop is for a hole lot of reasons and it has nothing to do with because no one is buying them because Sony has sold twice as many headsets as Vive and Oculus combined. I think the drop in pice have more to do with mixed reality headset’s are being should cheaper. Because if and when add MS add MR to Xbox those headsets will also be cheap

  • Icarus

    What a joke. I was holding off on buying PS4 to get the Xbox one x for VR, but now we can just screw it. Microsoft is hoping VR ushers the PC into another golden age like the internet did, so they can make more money. Their hubris telling us what is good for us saying that VR is not good enough because of wires is ludicrous. Sony is doing great with it at 1 million VR headsets units. MS deserves to lose again.

    • jeremyg85

      PS VR is such a terrible experience though.. lol.

      • Graham

        Yes that’s right, of course it is – go be a troll somewhere else…

        • polysix

          Hey I liked the PSVR and owned it (then sold it) but it’s not THAT great, it’s fun/cool etc but it’s really bad next to the oculus rift which costs more or less the same now (if you already have a fast PC as many gamers do). I’ve had vive too and sold all of them except Rift which is like VR done right (at least for Gen 1), super comfy, super sharp display, amazing (best) controllers, great tracking (inc roomscale), tons of PC power to drive it with supersampling, an amazing array of all kinds of software not just whatever sony foists on you etc…

          my point is PSVR *IS* a really cool thing, but it didn’t sell a million because it’s the best or even the greatest. Popularity doesn’t always equal “perfect” or great, it just means tons of PS4 owners, and a good price.

          PSVR is a great stepping stone into VR much better than mobile VR because at elast it has positional tracking, but it’s a far cry from PC VR and I think the other guy is saying that if MS pull of XBone VR right they’ll have PC quality VR on a console (at least concerning controls and tracking + higher res screens).

          PSVR is very very outdated alread (so is rift for that matter) but for now in gen 1 RIFT is the only HMD I had that felt worth it and didn’t annoy me on a daily basis.

          It was the only one that didn’t let me down in some area or other, with Vive it was terrible ergonomics, bad SDE , with PSVR it was bad tracking and poor controls (and limited types of software).. with rift it has the best c ontrols, the best displays, the best comfort, the best (REAL) VR software (Lone Echo!!) + tons of utility VR software you can’t get on PSVR.

          And it costs about the same….

          • Captain Killjoy McGiggles Von

            I already have a PS4 and plan to get PSVR for about $200 at a local game store (plus camera and controllers). RIFT is DEFINITELY night and day, though. But PSVR is selling like hot cakes because of the price. Maybe next year, when prices go down and kinks get worked out, I’ll be upgrading my computer and getting a rift. Right now I don’t think VR is worth investing in. My buddies that have a RIFT refuse to game on anything else though, so that does say something.

      • Eddie Barsh

        Yeah you’re crazy AF! Psvr is AMAZING! pound for pound it is the best VR headset available. For the price, specs, design, weight, comfort and all things considered i know many ppl who will tell you PSVR is the best hmd available. Besides, as an xbox fan some of us have no choice but to switch to PSVR for our VR fixes. Just because you may not like it don’t mean you have to speak on behalf of the 500 million dollars psvr made just this past year alone.

        • polysix

          No, I’ve had them all inc vive and psvr – pound for pound the RIFT is easily the most impressive system on earth. It’s night and day against PSVR. Much better ergonomics, MUCH better controls, MUCH better tracking, it feels like ‘real’ VR.

          PSVR was cool and fun but believe me, I’ve been into VR since DK2 rift days and PSVR is just a hint of VR, a step up from GEarVR etc but not proper VR thanks to shoddy tracking and underpowered console power.

          I beileve you’ve never tried rift and/or don’t have a fast PC or you’d know what you just wrote was BS “pound for pound” you do realise that Rift + controllers + trackers is only £399 now? Until PSVR was price cut it was actually CHEAPER than PSVR for a while and is still comparatively priced but is so much better.

          The only thing I can say positive about PSVR vs Rift/Vive is that is uses RGB screens and NON Fresnel lenses which is GREAT BUT obviously it’s lower res and lowered powered so that’s offset by supersampling on fast PCs and the higher res / FOV of Rift, it looks super sharp vs the pixelly/smudgey/bad blacks/dirty mura overlay of the PSVR.

          RGB screens are cool though but in PSVR’s case they don’t actually do anything to make VR look better due to the low power of the system running it and the low res.

      • Stranger On The Road

        the PS Move is terrible, that is true, the PSVR on the other hand, it can hold its own against the other VR HMDs.

        • polysix

          I had PSVR (and dk2, Vive and RIft) the only REALLY good one is the rift! Ergonomics, controls, tracking and power.

          Vive is janky, great tracking but awful ergonomics. And PSVR is really kinda cool in many ways and I had fun with it but it’s like night and day vs proper tracking on higher spec HMDs with PROPER controls like rift. PSVR gets close but it’s still quite a step down from the rift.

          I sold my vive and PSVR and didn’t miss them. Rift is awesome, so much better in all ways even ergonomics over the already good ergonomics on PSVR.

          • Stranger On The Road

            the OR Touch is indeed an excellent controller, nobody can even start to compare it fairly to the PS Move, which, IMNSHO, was a mistake. And yes, the OR HMD is better than the PSVR overall, but nevertheless, the PSVR can hold its own among the VR HMDs. And regarding the poor tracking…. never experienced it drifting on me, so I have no comment on that.

            As for the price, yes, the PSVR is way overpriced at its current price when compared to the OR. Especially when we keep in mind that one comes with the superior Touch controller. And let us not forget that the OR can work with GTX 1050Ti.

            that said, I do believe that the reason Sony isn’t reducing the price is because they know that they have many PS4s in the market. And that to home users, it is the ‘convenient’ choice. I honestly can’t see the home users even bothering to compare the prices, features or even read reviews, they will just go with the ‘convenient’ choice because they already have the PS4 at home in the living room.

          • Joey Sfb

            Such a small VR community and people are already fighting among each other. To me why not just buy PSVR, VIVE, RIFT and Windows Mix Reality (what a mouth full). Each has its advantage right? The problem has to do with our cash flow not the head sets.

            If you don’t choose one particular headset does it make it a bad choice for other that have already bought into the platform? NO!

            I was very eager on VR so I buy DK2 and find it to be lacking, bought PSVR and find it to be fun. With Microsoft WMR going for a song I order the Lenovo Explorer. Waiting for it, I hope Microsoft is committed to it not like the recent Kinetic and Windows 10 mobile that I also happen to own.

            Microsoft usual non-commitment make me think twice about getting the WMR headset when launch which now turn out to be a good thing. They have halfed their headset pricing in a matter of months… talk about how deep their commitment or non-commitment depending on where you are from. LOL!

      • GIBBS v2

        The problem with all of them is low resolution visors. Once we get that at least doubled and iron out some tracking kinks VR will be a much better if not great experience. I have PSVR while I’ve had some fun experiences on it, the novelty has worn off a bit. More and more I just see all the problems with it.

    • Eddie Barsh

      I agree. I was so hyped for xbox VR on the X, once xbox changed their mind and didn’t release VR for the X I switched to PSVR since its the only VR headset at the console level. Its pathetic the way xbox is doing their fans

      • Avatar Roku

        I also bought a PSVR PS4Pro when I realized how far behind Xbox was on VR. Still interested in seeing what Windows MR and Xbox bring to the table though. I just wasn’t willing to wait 2 years for Xbox to catch up on something so cool. PSVR isn’t the best VR, but it is very good and definitely the most affordable option.

  • Gunnar Burling

    Many experts say that AR will surpass VR in the next few years. Microsoft is way ahead of everyone else with HoloLens. I think Hololens will come to XBOX 1 X sooner than people think.

    • Eddie Barsh

      I agree AR will have more uses than VR. I believe hololens and similar vizors will someday replace smart phones (Facebook has said this also) but VR is better for GAMING and training for jobs. However I don’t agree that hololens will make it to the X soon. The hololens is in prototype stages and continues to change and evolve and I think it will be a couple years before it hits consumers. I could be wrong but that’s my opinion

      • RFC_VR

        AR is technology to enhance everyday existence in the ‘real world’.

        VR is technology for temporary replacement of everyday existence.

    • Stranger On The Road

      please don’t confuse AR and MR. AR is already in every smartphone and in many other devices, including the PS Vita and 3DS. MR is a completely different thing, while it might share many of the ideas the usage is meant to be very different.

      That said, MR and VR do not compete with each other as they are targeting different usage, one is meant to take you to another environment, while the other modifies your current environment. They complement each other for those who want both, but MR is expect to have a wider use outside what we consider to be the ‘core’ markets. I, for one, am looking forward to having a proper MR headset to use when I’m not using OR or the PSVR.

      As for MR coming to the XbX, not really sure where you got that idea, MR is meant to go with you, while the XbX is meant to stay in its place. The best the XbX can hope for is VR, which is promised for next year.

      As for MS being ahead, well, they do have an actual MR headset that can be used today. But it is too early to presume that they are ahead technology wise, all we know about the device Magic Leap is working on is: every time an investor try it, s/he throws their money at Magic Leap! And I do believe that those investors must have tried HoloLens before visiting Magic Leap.

    • polysix

      they are not mutually exclusive.

      AR has very little to do with VR.

      Personally as someone who’s been into VR since rift DK1 I have VERY little interest in AR for ‘gaming’ and only for future utility and enhancement of daily life. For gaming, immersion, escapism and ‘other worldly’ pursuits VR will always be better than AR which is extremely limited by the physical surrounds/area you are in. THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Xbox one x is not powerful enough for VR and 4K. Have you noticed how only really old games are 4k and that Forza is the only racing game without pit crew? XboneX can’t do proper 4k with all the details you would expect from a modern game, of course it wont do VR. Even the original PS4 can do VR. Microsoft’s Gender Fluid Reality was never designed for gaming (low fov, lack of proper hand tracking, no analog hand grip, no microphone). This is what happens when you hire based on race and gender instead of qualifications. Xbox brand has died a long time ago and it is not showing any sign of coming back as a serious platform.

    • Box Troll King

      Pcars 2 is x enhanced to 4k and has pit crews. F1 2017 is 4k enhanced and guess what, pit crews. Im guessing you’re a ps fan boy who when he opens his mouth shit falls out.

  • nc

    I think this is smart marketing. It allows companies to focus on updating their games for the Xbox One X, instead of trying to develop VR titles or DLC content. It also gives people some time between buying an Xbox One X and buying a WMR headset. This is much easier on the budget. I’m sure they will roll it out in a while. I think they are positioning themselves very well, and Oculus and Vibe are about to be obsolete.

  • XboxRules

    Can’t wait to upgrade from my Oculus Rift to the new VR HMD’s that will work on BOTH my PC and XBOX ONE X and no external crap required for tracking.

    MS, kicking ass and taking names.

  • MaeseDude

    For me, a good VR solution for X1 would mean an instant buy of the Xbox One X. I have a PS4 Pro / PSVR bundle now, and an Xbox One S, but “just” a full HD beamer, and therefore no real reason to upgrade the X1 to the new model; VR, however, would be a good reason. I love the PSVR, but it’s limitations also make me crave for more graphical fidelity (and I despise having to run a Windows PC in my living room for various reasons). So… please, pretty-please, Microsoft, make it happen…

  • Sky Hoover

    Has anyone tried plugging a Microsoft mr headset into a xbox one x to see if it will even work I know it wouldn’t do vr but would it play in cinema mode like the psvr dose.
    I’m asking becouse I have limited space and this could be like having that big screen tv that I don’t have room for.