Microsoft’s HoloLens Readiness Partner Program Comes To The EU

by Jamie Feltham • March 13th, 2017

Mixed reality is set to dominate the working world in the years to come, arguably even more so than virtual reality. But a lot of companies that want to use the tech lack to expertise to actually develop for it. That’s where Microsoft’s HoloLens Agency Readiness Partner Program comes in.

Just as its long-winded title suggests, this scheme is designed to recognize studios that have a broad knowledge of and lots of experience with Microsoft’s MR headset. It’s essentially a recommendations list of potential partners for companies looking to utilize the technology. These studios will collaborate on the development of apps that suit the client’s needs. Imagine a healthcare app that hospitals worked with software developers to make, for example.

Current partners in the US already include Taqtile, and POP but, today, Microsoft is announcing an expansion into the EU with six new partners. They include France-based Holoforge and Immersion as well as Zuhlke in Germany. In the UK, Microsoft is adding FundamentalVR, Black Marble, and REWIND to the list.

We already saw FundamentalVR’s surgery training application at Mobile World Congress a few weeks back, and the company is also developing the experience for MR. REWIND, meanwhile, is developing an app for the Red Bull Air Race. Company CEO and Founder Sol Rogers told UploadVR that the team had been through “extensive training” in order to become a part of the program.

The company’s new MR tech is looking to bring live sports to headsets like HoloLens, and this first app will showcase it. “It gives users a first glimpse at REWIND’s proprietary ‘Holemetry’ technology that can enhance live sport,” Rogers said, “bringing spectators an unparalleled never before seen experience.”

Other organizations partnering with HoloLens developers to make MR experiences include Paccar, Lowe’s, CDM Smith, UK Police Forces, and Alstom.

HoloLens might not be ready for consumers, but Microsoft is clearly keen to get it into the hands of as many businesses as possible. While the wait for a retail launch continues, the company is deploying its own set of VR headsets, made in partnership with major manufacturers, to bridge the gap. We got hands-on with one such kit two weeks back.

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  • PeteB

    I don’t think anyone actually cares about HoloLens. Not consumer, not developers.

    The tiny, mailslot FOV also did it no favors, and is the dirty secret MS never wanted to talk about.