CES 2019: MixCast Moments Is Mixed Reality Filming Without The Editing

by Jamie Feltham • January 9th, 2019

Want to make an idiot out of yourself in VR and then humiliate yourself even further online? There’s an app for that.

Blueprint Reality today introduced MixCast Moments, an automated process for capturing your time in VR. MixCast 2.0 already lets you make your own mixed reality videos in your home and at arcades but with MixCast Moments there’s no video editing required.

Initially designed for use in VR arcades, MixCast Moments uses Intel RealSense cameras fitted to booths to bring your actual body into footage of VR games. You can see an example of a video shot using the system below. It features the vertigo-inducing Richie’s Plank Experience. Obviously, it’s a promotional video but it looks pretty promising.

The company says that this process won’t need any editing on the user’s part. MixCast transitions between the player view and a view of the player themselves. It’s a little like getting a picture of yourself after you’ve been on a rollercoaster.

Once you have your clip you can share it to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Mixed reality capture (not be confused with Microsoft’s ‘mixed reality’ headsets) has become a popular way of conveying the power of a VR experience without asking people to put on a headset.

If you’re at CES then you can try MixCast for yourself at Intel’s booth. Otherwise it’ll be rolling out to arcades a little later on in the year. We’ve asked Blueprint if it has any plans for a rollout to home-based headsets too. The company said this feature would be coming in 2019.

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