The Mk Player360 Turns Your Room Into A 360-Degree Media Screen

by Charles Singletary • July 11th, 2017

Your bedroom is a place of peace and expression and there are a handful of ways to make it resemble the dreamscapes you occasionally wake from. Art on your walls and ceilings, 3D domes that project stars all over, and more. The Mk Player360, from Broomx Technologies, is a powerful and compact device that takes this idea further turning your room into a screen not only for 360-degree media but interactive VR applications as well.

Projectors are long established in entertainment and business settings but the MK Player360 takes projection to another level by providing full HD Field of View (180°H x 120°V) and audio for a 4D experience. It’s an all-in-one, plug-and-play project that needs no additional hardware to function and can be interacted with wirelessly via a smartphone application. Whether using the floor version with stand or anchoring it on a wall, it can be placed anywhere in a room and can adapt in rooms measured 3×3 meters to 7×7 meters no matter the angle.

When it comes to wearing VR headsets, there are some accessibility limitations related to vision countered by some companies, but a device like the MK Player360 could serve as a comfortable non-headset immersive option for VR and 360-degree videos.

The device may remind some of Microsoft’s proof-of-concept system Microsoft revealed back in 2013 called IllumiRoom. Pairing the Kinect with a projector, Illumiroom visually augmented the space around a television to add a layer to entertainment experiences.The Mk Player360 is certain a more ambitious piece of hardware, but the idea of augmenting our surrounds in such a way has been conceptualized for quite a while.

In an interview with BGR, Broomx’s CCO Ignasi Capella alluded to other potential uses for the projector in connected environments. “One of the features our projector gives you is the possibility to connect anything that can be connected in a room, like lights,” says Capella. “We can synchronize those elements with the projection, with the scene you’re watching. So, like, underwater — we have one experience where you can see waves, and the lights of the room, they turn blue. And the bed is moving like the waves. When you go underwater and there are no waves, the bed stops moving.”

The player can also access Google Maps, Street View, and popular social platforms to project on the screen and users can drag-and-drop them around the wall via the smartphone app. There’s no release date for the device just yet, with the website only saying first units are “coming soon”. If you want to inquire about purchasing one, there’s a contact form at the bottom of the device’s web page.


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