Modder Bringing VR To The Original Half-Life

by Jamie Feltham • September 11th, 2017

We’ve known for some time that a team of enthusiasts is toiling away at a VR mod for Valve’s beloved Half-Life 2, but now another developer is integrating headset support into the original classic too.

As recently discovered on Reddit, developer maxvollmer has released early VR integration for the game on GitHub, but we don’t advise actually trying it out yet. There’s a lot of kinks to iron out and the developer warns that playing it online might get you VAC banned.

You can see an early alpha demonstration of the support in the video below. The developer tours the halls of the Black Mesa facility that you explore at the start of the game. It clearly needs some work; the scale is all off, making the player much larger than they should be in the game world, and it looks like a pair of hands are mapped to one controller, but it’s a start. Swinging the series’ iconic crowbar around in VR looks like a ridiculous amount of fun as does realistically throwing grenades.

We don’t know if this mod has a future ahead of it but we’d love to see people embrace it and help get it made. All the same, we’re looking forward to the VR mod for Half-Life 2, which promises motion-controlled Gravity Gun manipulation.

Meanwhile, we’re all waiting to see what three VR games Valve is making for its current VR headsets, and just daring to dream that one of them might be Half-Life 3.

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