Epic Multiplayer Mech Battles Coming This Year In ‘Vox Machinae’

by Joe Durbin • February 24th, 2016

Space Bullet’s new trailer for the upcoming VR action title Vox Machinae is now live.

The developers highlight the unique new game features to look for in the trailer including four unique playable robots called Grinders. In an email sent to UploadVR, the developers wrote “each grinder caters to a different playing style, from the nimble and light to the heavily armored badass. Customizable multi-weapon load outs. And the debut of the new planetary landscape: Talc.”

According to the studio:

Vox Machinae is debuting with VR as a lead platform and will support screens too, if you still happen to have one of those lying around. This trailer’s footage was entirely shot in-game, using a spectator mode, and was so fun to watch that we almost forgot to hit the record button half the time. All the action taking place was being played out by bots in a live multiplayer Team Deathmatch, one of many game modes we’ll be unveiling in the coming months.

Space Bullet plans for the game to ship sometime this year.

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