In Nemesis Realms The VR Player Is A Videogame Boss Your Friends Fight

by Jamie Feltham • January 11th, 2018

Evocat Games’ Nemesis Perspective is one VR title that sadly passed up by, but boasts an amazing premise. In this local multiplayer game, one player puts on an HTC Vive, while the other grabs a controller. The VR player appears as a giant monster, while the other player is a tiny human that must bring them down. It’s essentially like turning your best friend into a videogame boss. If, like us, you missed it the first time around then don’t worry; a sequel is very nearly here.

Nemesis Realms, as the game is called, is heading to Steam Early Access on January 22nd with support for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Building on the original game, Realms supports up to four people using a standard controller to take on the VR player. Players now need to work together to take down their enormous foe who will try and squash them with their headset’s respective motion controllers. You can get a taste of the game in the trailer above.

In its Early Access state the game will feature two stages. Standard players need to coordinate to avoid incoming attacks and using ranged attacks of their own to deal damage to the monster. As a bonus, the original game will be going free-to-play upon release.

Sadly there’s no word on a PSVR release right now, though this looks perfect for the platform.

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