Seven New Apps and Games Arrived on Gear VR This Week

by Ian Hamilton • December 6th, 2015

The amount of content flowing into the Oculus store has picked up considerably since the release of the new $100 Gear VR headset for Samsung phones last month. This week the additions include bowling, deer hunting, space flying, music creation and a lovely free VR story.

The highest profile new downloads are Anshar Wars 2, which we previewed recently and appears to be the most expensive game available ($15) in the Gear VR, as well as the free download Rose from Penrose Studios headed by Eugene Chung, formerly of Oculus.

In addition to those we singled out previously, there’s also Action Bowling for $3, Deer Hunter for $5, Soundscape for $3 and InCell for $5. There’s also the free app RelayCars, which is like a virtual showroom for cars. Here’s quick glance at each of them with a description of the app provided by Oculus.

Action Bowling ($3)


Developer: Atomic Bullfrog

Description: “Enjoy all the excitement of professional bowling with outrageous curve shots and explosive competition pin action. Immersive 3D graphics, unique bowling locations and custom bowling balls — Action Bowling delivers everything you’d expect from this signature franchise.”

Deer Hunter ($5)


Developer: Glu Mobile

Description: “Immerse yourself in lush environments with a number of customized weapons, as you hunt the world’s most exotic animals from the Pacific Northwest to the Savannah of Central Africa.”

Soundscape ($3)


Developer: Snake Productions

Description: “Add musical notes, change effects and influence the characteristics of one of three instruments as you create electronic music in this futuristic environment. Jam alone or along with 2 other randomly selected people.”

InCell ($5)


Developer: Nival

Description: “InCell is an action/racing VR game with a bit of strategy and education thrown into the mix. You’ll take an exciting journey inside the highly unusual micro world of human cell and stop the virus advance.”

RelayCars (free)


Developer: RelayCars

Description: “RelayCars™ is your VR Portal to a truly immersive automotive experience. Explore cars inside and out in the RelayCars™ Virtual Showroom, watch car videos in the RelayCars™ Virtual Cinema and share the experience with your social network.”

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