New Gear VR Downloads Include Theta S, Archer E Bowman and Cityscape Repairman

by Upload • December 18th, 2015

thetasThis week Oculus made available for download a Gear VR app for the tiny 360-degree Theta S camera that includes remote control functionality. The original Theta won high praise from Oculus CTO John Carmack for taking easy 360-degree photos. The upgraded Theta S sells for $350 and includes better video capabilities.

Also this week some games and concepts were launched too, with several available only to asian markets including several free apps for the Korean Everland Resort and the Niconico Japanese social video networking service. The Theta S app, however, looks to be the highest profile release this week.

We don’t have a Theta S handy to test the remote control functionality but OlivierJT reports on Twitter there’s no preview provided inside the Gear VR while taking a photo. It sounds like a really important feature though and a taste of what hopefully comes in a future update. You connect the Samsung smartphone to the Theta S over Wi-Fi but you can “both take 360° spherical images and view them on Gear VR.”

Theta S VR

Here’s a look at some of the other new apps this week:

Cityscape Repairman ($3)

Developer: Khora ApS


Description: “In Cityscape, you are faced with a massive infrastructure in need of constant repair. Now with 13 levels, you can navigate industrial scenes, repair and replace broken items, solve puzzles and fight off enemy robots.”

Vektron Revenge ($3)
Developer: Ludovic Texier


Description: “Defeat waves of geometric enemies in full VR glory! Vektron Revenge is an old-school style shooter done exclusively for VR. The playfield has no limits as you avoid and destroy waves of enemies in a 360 degree environment.”

Unity-chan! Candy Rock Star Live Stage! (Free)

Developer: Unity Technologies Japan G.K.


Description: “Sing the latest song “UNITE IN THE SKY” with Kohaku Otori as unity-chan! Dance on stage at the farewell festival with the fantastic costume called “Candy Rock Star.” Powered by the Unity engine, this experience puts you in the action.”

Archer E Bowman (Free Concept)

Developer: voidALPHA


Description: “Play as Archer E. Bowman, hero of the castle ramparts. Take to the wall with your trusty bow and defend the kingdom from beastly hordes. Will you survive the onslaught?”

THE BOX (Free Concept)

Developer: 8ninths


Description: “THE BOX is a new and incredibly unique way to deliver and receive virtual gifts. This first Box takes you to an enchanted forest where the night sky comes to life and the magical woodland creatures gather with you around a winter fire.”

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