New Gear VR Releases Include Space Shooter ‘Cosmos Warfare”, Social App ‘AltspaceVR” And More

by Julianna Crisalli • February 5th, 2016

The Oculus Store welcomes five new Gear VR experiences (one game, four concepts) this week including the much anticipated AltspaceVR.

Cosmos Warfare has you fighting enemies in deep, dark space, while the concepts focus more on exploration and social. We’ll look at some of these more in depth later, but here’s a quick overview of what’s new for Gear VR.

Also, check out the two titles on sale until Feb. 10. Bandit Six is now $1.49 (50 percent off) and Bandit Six: Salvo is $2.49 (50 percent off).

Cosmos Warfare (Free)


Developer: Artfire Games

Description: “Cosmos Warfare is a first-person space shooter. Its controls allow you to simply move your head to pilot, aim at targets and fire. Once the enemy is destroyed, you collect items to upgrade your ship’s weapons and complete additional missions.”

StreetView VR (Free)


Developer: YoutopiaVR

Description: “Explore the world in virtual reality. Includes speech recognition for searching, voice-chat enabled group exploration, Wikipedia integration, multiple navigation modes and more.”

Sprawly Internet Beta (Free)


Developer: Sprawly

Description: “A browser built from the ground up for VR. Search: Backed by powerful web-crawling algorithms. Go ahead, search for anything. Choose your environment: Deep space, sunset above the clouds … so many fantastical options. Speed reading: Our proprietary tech supercharges your ability to read text of any length comfortably. Play your own tunes: Audio files can be played back from your device’s music folder so you can jam out. Easy to learn: Built-in tutorial teaches everything you need to know.”

AltspaceVR (Free)


Developer: Altspace

Description: “Experience VR…together. Discover and attend events, stream videos on gigantic screens, play games and hang out with old and new friends — all within AltspaceVR.”

Sera: A Story (Free)


Developer: 521VR

Description: “Sara is a casual exploration puzzle in a fantasy setting. players will make their way through various environments in a strange new world and solve puzzles along the way. There are many inhabitants to meet along the path of this strange and whimsical world; some will attempt to aid you while others might not be so nice!”

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