New Gear VR Releases Include Claustrophobic Room Puzzler ‘Neverout’

by Julianna Crisalli • January 28th, 2016

The 10 newest releases in the Oculus store for Gear VR include a wide-range of topics and genres.

Neverout, which looks inspired by the movie Cube, puts players inside a challenging series of puzzles. Another, I Am You, puts you inside another person’s body. We’ll take a deeper look at some of these apps soon, but here is a quick glance at the new releases. Also, don’t miss these deals: Anshar Wars 2 and Audio Arena are now 50 percent off until Feb. 3. There’s a new demo of Audio Arena available this week so you don’t have to buy before you try.

Neverout ($8)


Developer: Setapp

Description: “Neverout is a brand new style of puzzle game. Taking place in a small, claustrophobic room, you must find your way out. But beware, the rooms are not what they appear to be!”

BUTTS: The VR Experience (Free)


Developer: Tyler Hurd

Description: “BUTTS: The VR Experience is an animated short about love, trust and learning what it’s like to be free. Full of brightness and color, this experience will make you laugh and cry, and will return you to a place of childlike bliss.”

Escape Velocity ($3)

Escape Velocity

Developer: Setapp

Description: “It’s the year 2038 and you’re sent on a routine mission to the ISS, but things don’t go as planned. Use your astronaut training to conduct a spacewalk and complete the mission.”

Nomades +/- 5 Meters Interactive VR (Free)


Developer: NomadesTV

Description: “Join BUNNI as he takes you on an interactive exploration of seascapes and explains the effects of pollution on the world’s oceans, from coral reefs to shark-invested waters to ice-covered seas.”

I Am You ($3)

I am you

Developer: Cinehackers

Description: “Experience an intimate story like never before – through the eyes of the character. Follow a young couple who discovers a new crowdfunded app that lets them live inside each other’s bodies.”

Dead End Alley ($2)


Developer: Cry Havoc Games

Description: “Pull the starter-cord on your chainsaw and let the carnage begin! This is Dead End Alley and no one gets out of alive.”

Baskhead ($4)


Developer: VRLINES

Description: “Play basketball like you’ve never played before!  This time you aren’t the player, or even the ball – you’re the hoop! Balls will be flying at your head. Your goal is to catch them all, in rhythm and with skill.”

Pulsar Arena ($3)


Developer: Justin Moravetz

Description: “Pulsar Arena is a rhythm-based shooter controlled entirely by head tracking that takes aspects of tug-of-war and hot potato and wraps them up in a musical adventure in space.”

Waddle Home ($3)

Waddle Home

Developer: Archiact Interactive

Description: “The penguins are trapped and they need your help. Guide them to the Rescue Ship by opening doors and moving blocks. Help them waddle around traps and escape patrolling Guards. Save the penguins quickly and collect all three eggs for maximum points.”

Audio Arena Demo (Free)

Audio Arena

Developer: Skydome Studios

Description: “Demo version of Audio Arena: Player versus music. In this single player arena, gameplay is generated by music. Dodge all the enemies and make clever use of your weapons to make it to the end. Come back each day of the week for a different song.”

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