New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 12/04/16

by Charles Singletary • December 9th, 2016

The Vive gets a lot of releases each week and this one is definitely packed full of content. Smashbox Arena is the multiplayer highlight for this week and drops teams of three into an arena with weapons and physics based power-ups. It’s a treat to play and the pacing allows for a degree of tactical teamwork that is definitely needed in VR multiplayer games — we loved it in our preview. Then Arizona Sunshine, a zombie survival game, is our other highlight. With a great deal freedom when exploring and realistic weapon mechanics, along with a full campaign to explore, Arizona Sunshine is one of the best VR games we’ve played to date — read the full review for more.

In the meantime, if you missed last week, you can see those new releases here. And don’t forget that UploadVR has a Steam community group, complete with a curated list of recommendations so that you don’t have to waste any money finding out what’s good in the world of VR.

We also have a top list of the absolute best HTC Vive games — which is updated every few months with the latest and greatest options.


Offroad Paradise: Trial 4×4

Price: $10.39 (Currently Discounted)

In this driving experience, you control the steering wheel but watch from a 3rd person view as you try to guy your offroad vehicle over jagged terrain safely. Essentially the game serves as a vehicle-based puzzler.

Recommendation: Keep an eye on it while it’s in early access. Don’t pull the trigger just yet.


Braun Future Operating Room, from NMY Mixed-Reality Communication GmbH

Price: Free To Play

In B. Braun Future Operating Room you get a glimpse of the potential future of surgery involving nanobots. Using your controllers, you remove as many damaged vessels as you can and move up the Steam leaderboards.

Recommendation: A free snapshot of the future. Grab it.


Thunder Spheres, from sitckee

Price: $10.39 (Currently Discounted)

If you take billiards and mash it with a bow and arrow in zero-g, you’d have an idea of what Thunder Spheres is. You tackle the unique experience in 3 different zones: Astronauts, Explorers, and Circus.

Recommendation: Grab it while it’s on sale. Otherwise keep an eye on it to see if they add a bit more content.


ZombiesTown VR, from GMD Studio

Price: $5.99

ZombiesTown VR is a wave shooter with a cartoony aesthetic. Dual-wield your guns and survive the onslaught.

Recommendation: Not a lot of depth, we’re getting tired of these. Skip it.


The Jigsaw Puzzle Room, from MobileFusion Apps Ltd

Price: $3.99

Many board and card games have been brought into the virtual spaces so it’s no surprise to see jigsaw puzzles get their just due. The Jigsaw Puzzle Room offers three different puzzles sizes and internet radio stations to calm you before scattering every piece in frustration.

Recommendation: Not too expensive if you’re a puzzle fan or glutton for punishment. No cleanup either!

Bowling at the Lake, from WhirlVFX

Price: Free

Bowling at the Lake is a pretty self explanatory experience, letting you rule the lanes with the sounds of nature for contrast against the collision of bowling ball and pins.

Recommendation: Simple and functional. Missing multiplayer but worth its free price tag for a relaxing experience.

Keep Defending, from Faster Time Games

Price: $5.94 (Currently Discounted)

In Keep Defending you use your archery skills to take out enemies while setting up your own evolving defenses in this tower defense hybrid. Early Access contains a couple levels to give players a taste of the gameplay.

Recommendation: Smooth and visually appealing aesthetic and solid gameplay in EA. Keep an eye on it as it evolves.

Arcade Saga, from 2 Bears Studio

Price: $29.99

As the first game from Vive Studios, Arcade Saga takes crucial elements from classic arcade games and makes them your go-to arsenal for conquering enemies. Fracture, smash, and bowshot your way to survival while upgrading over time.

Recommendation: A bit pricey, even for the high-quality.

Street Champ VR, from Zynk Software Srl

Price: $0.99

If you’ve ever wanted Frogger in a virtual space, Street Champ VR delivers. This game tasks you with crossing growingly dangerous roads and pushing your high score further and further.

Recommendation: A cheap way to get some competition brewing with friends.

PLANNES, from Tricol Co., Ltd.

Price: $13.49 (Currently Discounted)

Tennis in VR is a cool idea. Zero-gravity tennis in VR is even cooler. PLANNES drops you into a sci-fi setting on a tour on of the universe as you take on the best players from each planet. In this sport you’re given rackets with unique abilities as you defend and attack as quickly as efficiently as you can.

Recommendation: Fun and beautiful game. Grab it.

Cargo Cult: Shoot’n’Loot VT, from Panoramik Inc

Price: $10.49 (Currently Discounted)

Wave shooters are nearly a dime a dozen in the VR ecosystem, so it takes a degree of effort to stand out. Cargo Cult attempts to do so by dropping you on a traveling battleship as you take on waves of assailants.

Recommendation: Variety with a degree of difficulty. Buy it if you’re aching for something new.


CRAFT: Work VR Shop Demo, from CRAFT

Price: $6.99

This title serves as virtual workshop and sandbox for you to plan and create a variety of projects with all the tools you need at hand and a great deal less risk to your well being.

Recommendation: Currently has crash issues, but the concept should at least keep you checking in on it regularly.


Desert Ride Coaster, from iNFINITE Production

Price: Free

Simply a VR coaster through a desert and caverns.

Recommendation: Free and quick way to see your friends freak out when trying VR. Pass otherwise.


Star Kingdom – The Elements, from Hyperator, Inc.

Price: $1.99

Wield the elements to solve puzzles, illuminate your path, and unravel the mysteries.

Recommendation: Cheap in Early Access, so not bad, but don’t expect anything robust.

Remembering Pearl Harbor, from Deluxe VR

Price: $9.99

This immersive experience retells a historic moment through the voice of Lt. James Downing, the 2nd oldest living survivor of Pearl Harbor.

Recommendation: This is one of the better attempts at bringing history into the virtual space. Add it to your Steam collection if you’re a history buff.

Smashbox Arena, from BigBox VR, Inc.

Price: $23.99 (Currently Discounted)

In this team-based action game, you shoot, dodge, and defend while coordinating with your teammates to take down the enemy team.

Recommendation: Simple and fun game with a structure that encourages actual tactical gameplay in conjunction with your team. Must have.

ROM: Extraction, from First Contact Entertainment

Price: $16.99 (Currently Discounted)

This arcade wave shooter lets you occasionally slow down time while shooting and throwing orbs at the enemy robots, adding a degree of originality to the experience.

Recommendation: Great mechanics and visually striking. Multiplayer will be added for free, so get it if you’re not tired of wave shooters yet.

Escape Artist: The Trial, from Morrow Games

Price: $3.59 (Currently Discounted)

Escape Artist: The Trial is an escape the room experience that switches up the formula a bit by allowing you to break some things to create the solutions for the various puzzles.

Recommendation: Pretty short experience and may be a bit jittery when running. Pass.


Russian Underground: VR, from Elusive Team

Price: $4.49 (Currently Discounted)

Explore the downtrodden and derelict environment, searching for a means to escape all the while.

Recommendation: Absolutely skip this one.

Kingspray Graffiti, from Andrew Bates, Craig Bentick, Nolan Cunningham, Onomis

Price: $14.99

Grab your friends and bomb walls with the legendary art-form. Kingspray Graffiti offers realistic spray and drop effects and mechanics for up to four players.

Recommendation: Check out our review. It’s described as a must have for fans of the style.

World VR Competition, from MT Worlds

Price: $8.39 (Currently Discounted)

Through 8 events, bring friends over and set various scores in the different contests. Your skill, instincts, and reaction time will be tested as you climb the online or local leaderboards.

Recommendation: Simple concept with fun execution. Grab it and call your friends.

World of Golf, from Krazy Studios

Price: $4.49 (Currently Discounted)

With a full set of clubs, take on a 18 hole virtual course in World of Golf. Experience the hook, slice, fade, or draw based on the physics of your swing and utilize the room-scale to walk and read the green.

Recommendation: Solid in early access. Grab it or at least keep an eye on it as it evolves. Not many golf sims yet, somehow.

CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy, from HandMade Game

Price: $9.99

CRANGA! basically gives you the controls to crane and allows you to play Jenga with massive industrial shipping containers. Includes various container types and game modes.

Recommendation: Pretty basic, but not bad if you love puzzle games.

Arizona Sunshine, from Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

Price: $33.99 (Currently Discounted)

Many have tried their hands at delivering the zombie apocalypse to VR and Arizona Sunshine gives you a wealth of tools to survive the horde.  The game has realistic weapon handling, surroundings you can explore freely, co-op multiplayer, and more.

Recommendation: The best VR zombie shooter yet.

Werewolves Within, from Ubisoft

Price: $29.99 (Currently Discounted)

Werewolves Within is the virtual version of classic hidden role and social deduction games for 5-8 players. Some are villagers while others could be the werewolf, so use your abilities to try to figure it all out before it’s too late.

Recommendation: Received a solid score from us and could provide endless fun with the right friends.

Super Kaiju, from Directive Games Limited

Price: $9.99 (Currently Discounted)

Collect and customize a team of Kaiju as your progress through an intense sports tournament. Super Kaiju takes the wave shooter and flips into a competitive arena shooter.

Recommendation: Loads of fun with lots of character. Grab it.

Dead Hungry, from Q_Games

Price: $29.99 (Currently Discounted)

While we have a wealth of zombie games, even just this week, Dead Hungry employs you as a food truck worker with the power to heal the shambling beings with crafted meals.

Recommendation: The combination of a wave shooter with a food-prep sim comes together well, but it’s a bit pricey.

Endless Night – Alpha, from Yerawizard LLC

Price: Free

Endless Night is a dark and demonic room-scale shooter where you take on waves of evil creatures coming from every direction.

Recommendation: Currently free and in early access. Grab it and see how it evolves over time.


Killer Klownz, from Peter Labick

Price: $1.99

Face your childhood fear as you take down waves of clowns with your automatic rifles. The game features room-scale gameplay that scales to your space.

Recommendation: Inexpensive wave shooter. Get it if you need a new one in your collection, but it’s nothing new other than the enemy of choice.

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality, from Bossa Studios

Price: $19.99

Stark contrast to the other surgery simulator available this week, Surgeon Simulator gives you a medical sandbox and lets you wreck the operating room. Operate on Bob or even aliens in outer space.

Recommendation: Loads of fun with dark humor to boot. Must have.

Snakes on an Extradimensional Plane, from Team Neon Snakes

Price: $1.79 (Currently Discounted)

Samuel L. Jackson would be proud. This abstract experience lets you weave colorful trails as you guide mice with jetpacks to escape the grasp of glowing snakes.

Recommendation: A very pretty and inexpensive casual affair. Worth the grab.

DatavizVR Demo, from DatavizVR Inc.

Price: Free

This program is an effort to make data visualization a bit more interesting by bringing it into virtual spaces. Has potential to make business presentations a bit more exciting.

Recommendation: If it fits your project, give it a shot. It’s free!


The Table At War VR, from KudaiGame

Price: $19.99 (Currently Discounted)

The Table At War VR brings tabletop strategy to life in a big way. Use your virtual cards to influence your forces on the battlefield and destroy enemy bases. Includes a story and survival mode in addition to PvP.

Recommendation: Very solid game and the mechanics will make you want a Yu-Gi-Oh card game in VR ASAP.


Broken Blue, from Backlot Realities

Price: Free

Broken Blue is, “a Puzzle Solving VR Game that utilizes an innovative interface to allow the player to traverse and explore the game’s content.” You will be playing as Blue, an AI program who’s programs have become broken down due to “the flow of time.” Your job is to solve puzzles and restore Blue to his former glory.

Recommendation: Broken Blue may be free so the demand for high quality is admittedly lowered. Give it a look if you’ve got spare time and hard drive space.

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  • Pistol Pete

    Some good content this week. Too bad Arizona Sunshine overshadows everything, its just that badass. Im tired of Zombie games, but after trying it, there was no way i was going to return it. A must try for the Vive/Rift IMO.

    • CMcD

      Your are absolutely correct. Arizona sunshine… shines 😉

  • CMcD

    Arizona sunshine is my favorite vr game so far!

  • Vlad Sharov

    So Arcade Saga, is it worth it or is it just the hype of the new Vive Studious?

    • Dan Lalonde

      It’s just a rehash of already existing games. definitely an over-hype.

  • tvguy

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Dan Lalonde

    How does Arizona compare to Brookhaven Experiment?
    Sure you get to move around but Arizona seems to miss the dark horror aspect.

    • It is not a dark horror game at all. Brookhaven is a zombie wave shooter where you stand in one place and kill waves, whereas Arizona has a full single player campaign with a story and several missions of environments you explore, as well as a horde mode with waves. In both, you freely teleport around the levels. They also both have multiplayer.

      Read our full review for more info: