New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 04/23/17

by Charles Singletary • April 28th, 2017

Welcome to a new week of releases for th HTC Vive! We’ve got two vastly different highlights, but be sure to scour the full collection to see if there’s something that catches your eye. TITAN SLAYER brings some extra flavor to the virtual brawler by asking you to be stylish and flashy while taking down massive monsters. Holos is a visually appealing and free web-centric VR OS with a large collection of customization tools. Better yet, it’s all manipulated with a manageable card system.

In the meantime, if you missed last week, you can see those new releases here. And don’t forget that UploadVR has a Steam community group, complete with a curated list of recommendations so that you don’t have to waste any money finding out what’s good in the world of VR.

We also have a top list of the absolute best HTC Vive games — which is updated every few months with the latest and greatest options.

New HTC Vive Releases on Steam

Glider Island, from Joey Sipos

Price: $7.99

Across 3 vibrant landscapes, Glider Island allows you to fly as you’ve always to. Get the angles right and use your rocket boosters to stay in the sky, avoid danger, and collect all of the hoops around the islands.

Recommendation: Grab this one during a sale maybe. Pass for now.

Deathlike: Awakening, from Cybreath

Price: $9.99

In Deathlike: Awakening you awaken in an abandoned place filled with great evil. Maneuver carefully to survive this horrific experience.

Recommendation: This is a fright fest you can skip.

Viking Rage, from N-Gon Entertainment

Price: $16.19 (Currrently Discounted)

Tap into your rage and prepare for battle! In Viking Rage, you’ll be tossing bombs, swinging your ax, and shooting arrows as you defend the fortress of the Vikings.

Recommendation: This is defense shooter and brawler with a lot of style. Price is steep though, probably a pass.

Gem Hunter, from FoxLeap

Price: $9.99

Gem Hunter is a story-driven action platformer where you pilot your hovercraft to collect the Fox King’s lost diamonds. Mine gems, battle creatures, uncover secrets, defeat the three witches, and more.

Recommendation: Be careful if you’re easily susceptible to VR sickness.

Journey to Alien Worlds, from Ideographer

Price: $4.24 (Currrently Discounted)

Travel into the great unknown and walk the surface of planets, satellites, and comets in Journey to Alien Worlds. You can experience Venus, Venera 7, the Apollo Lunar Module, and more.

Recommendation: There are a handful of similar experiences that have vastly higher production quality. Pass on this one right now.



Price: $9.99

In five new unexplored sections of space, COMET STRIKE challenges you to rapidly complete a collection of puzzles. Special blocks, areas, and skills will be yours for the taking as you progress.

Recommendation: It’s a decently priced arcade experience. Give it a go unless you’ve already dropped pennies on similar content.


Price: $9.9 (Currrently Discounted)

TITAN SLAYER is exactly what the name implies: A brawler that pits you against monstrous giants. With swords, bows, and guns in your arsenal, your goal is not only to take down these beasts but do it with the most amount of style you can muster.

Recommendation: With this, you get exciting combat that isn’t only stylish but requires a degree of strategy. Grab this one for sure.

Holos, from Holos, Inc.

Price: Free

Holos is your private, customizable computing space. Centered around cards, the application provides an experience that is easy to get into but engaging enough for those seeking more advanced interaction.

Recommendation: This is an absolutely gorgeous and functional free virtual space with a lot of options. Get this for sure.

30th Century Post Office, from Toxodon Games

Price: $9.99

This game takes you to a 30th-century future where robots have taken over Earth. The number of humans is falling but labor forces have to increase to save costs. The result? Destroy the robotic status quo.

Recommendation: Hold off and let it evolve in Early Access a bit more.


Blackjack Bailey VR, from Hologram Software LTD., iCandy Games Inc.

Price: $5.99 (Currrently Discounted)

Blackjack Bailey VR provides you with a casual blackjack experience hosted by your cool dealer Bailey. The game has no microtransactions and you can play with no limits with Las Vegas house rules.

Recommendation: Pass on this one. 

Seeking Evil: The Wendigo, from Copybugpaste

Price: $10.19 (Currrently Discounted)

Within the cursed forests of North America, Seeking Evil puts you on the path of a bloodthirsty predator. Your goal is to burn nine totems quickly before you’re captured and eaten alive.

Recommendation: Clear Slenderman influence. Keep an eye on this one throughout Early Access, it’s a bit bare bones right now.


Don’t Get Hit In The Face, from DracoSoftware, LLC

Price: $3.99

Don’t Get Hit In The Face is a movement-based game where you do whatever movement necessary to avoid getting hit. The game includes 4 game modes with increasing difficulty and a 13 track soundtrack.

Recommendation: The game intends to be added to a collection for VR workouts, but there are certainly more interesting titles with similar ideas. Pass on this.

Batman: Arkham VR, from Rocksteady Studios

Price:  $19.99

Batman: Arkham VR is a visually impressive look at Gotham City through the eyes of the iconic Batman himself. You’ll start as Bruce Wayne and descend down into the bat cave to switch to his vigilante persona.

Recommendation: This experience is ultimately a brief glimpse for something that could have been greater. Not worth the purchase right now unless you just absolutely crave the fan service.

Interkosmos, from Ovid Works

Price: $4.99

Test your skills as an astronaut in Interkosmos, a comedic mini-adventure of astronomical proportions. In this game, you’ll guide your 1970s-inspired re-entry capsule to a safe landing. The procedures serve as a collection of arcade-style mini games.

Recommendation: Really cool theme for arcade-style VR gameplay. Grab it. Here’s our preview.

I Expect You To Die, from Schell Games

Price: $24.99

I Expect You To Die employs you as a secret agent armed with telekinetic abilities. You’ll use your abilities to maneuver through this puzzle experience and stop the Zoraxis, global weapons and pharmaceutical corporation.

Recommendation: You want to be a telekinetic James Bond? This is your chance.

The Uncertain: VR Experience, from ComonGames

Price: Free To Play

The Uncertain is a bit of an experiment with voiced characters and the ability to manipulate all of the items you come across. It’s an interactive gallery that will evolve with every episode.

Recommendation: Free tech demo that you should check out. Could lead to some really neat content.

Symphony of the Machine, from Stirfire Studios

Price: $15.99 (Currently Discounted)

In Symphony of the Machine, an ancient tower stands in a barren land and you must ascend and unravel the mysteries of its powers. You’re assisted by the tower’s guardian as you use the tower’s tools to bring life back to the land around you.

Recommendation: Very cool and visually impressive experience. Grab it.


Challenge Cube VR, from Optical Network

Price: $3.99

With an audience spectating, Challenge Cube has you completing a series of bizarre challenges as you move up in the rankings. Throughout the tasks, you’ll be tested on reaction speed, memory, and more.

Recommendation: Essentially this is a collection of spatial mini-game challenges. There are better options around. Pass on this.

Karnage Chronicles, from Nordic Trolls

Price: $24.99

Karnage Chronicles is an episodic action RPG with a high fantasy theme. You’ll engage in action-intense combat across unique character classes as you unravel the mystery of your past.

Recommendation: There’s a lot going into this Early Access title. Keep an eye on it and pull the trigger once you see the class you want to play and co-op is added.

Virtual Islands, from Tim McCulloch

Price: $3.99

Virtual Islands gives you your own private tropical island on which to play some realistic mini-golf. The game includes 18 holes and global/local leaderboards. There’s also a bonus driving range and driveable golf cart.

Recommendation: For the price, it is a fun little virtual getaway.


Puttyface, from the3dCrew

Price: Free

If you’re a fan of shaping unique ideas with clay, Puttyface is for you. You can smash, morph, push, and pull the putty to make whatever you can come up with.

Recommendation: It’s a free, casual experience. Check it out at least.

VR Dungeon Knight, from Blackjard Softworks

Price: $14.99

VR Dungeon Knight drops you into a cursed world that only you can save. You’ll explore dungeons that are different each time you enter, loot, and destroy the evil sources with a collection of weapons to weaken the curse.

Recommendation: Worth it already if you have a friend to play with, otherwise wait and see how it improves.

Trapped With the Dolls VR, from Designated Play Space

Price: Free

Trapped With The Dolls is a room-scale psychological thriller where you solve puzzles in order to escape the dolls’ pursuit. This is an escape the room experience that lasts roughly 10-15 minutes.

Recommendation: Free escape room? Give it a go.

New HTC Vive Releases on Viveport


Xinajiapo, from Blue King Technology

Price: Free

Xinajiapo is a collection of 9 visually appealing scenes across a virtual household.

Recommendation: Pretty, but not really worth a download.

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