Hands-On: Superhot VR’s Forever Update Makes a Great Game Even Better

by Joe Durbin • March 7th, 2017

Like most people that have played it, I only had one complaint after completing Superhot VR for the Oculus Rift: I wish there was more. Well, get excited people because more is almost here.

According to a message from Superhot Team, Superhot VR’s “Forever” update will be available in just a few weeks. The update is slated to hit Oculus Home on March 7th and will offer new achievements, new trials, and an endless mode to an already stellar VR experience. The additional content includes:

Endless Mode: Select a battleground and survive for as long as you can.

Headshots Only: Test your aim where only headshots take out enemies.

Time Trial: Race against your best scores in both in-game time (slowed down) and real-time.

Don’t Shoot: Try to complete the game without shooting.

Hardcore Mode: Get hardcore with faster enemies and less reaction time.

10-minute challenge: That’s right, just 10 minutes to complete the game.

Don’t Die: Any death restarts the entire game.

We had the chance to try the new Superhot VR Forever Update for ourselves and I think I can sum it up for you in one word: Wow.


In order to unlock the new modes you’ll have to complete the initial campaign comprised of multiple adrenaline pumping levels. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have access to a new startup menu for the game that takes the form of a slightly schizophrenic room filled with 90’s-looking computers and enough cryptic post-it notes to satisfy even the most skeptical conspiracy theorist. On the desk of this nightmare computer room is a series of floppy disks. To access each new game mode you pick up the correct floppy and insert it into the correct terminal.

In general, Forever brings a very welcome UX makeover to a game that, in its original form, offered very little in terms of choice. All you could really do is play the campaign over and over again. In Forever, however, you get to start every session in this new beginning hub which provides much more control over how and what you end up playing. There is also a new menu pyramid that will pop up in between levels that lets you boot back to the main menu or select a different stage.


Most of the new modes test one specific skill: accuracy (headshot only), speed (speedruns), endurance (don’t die), etc. There are also achievements that you can earn for especially skilled, or silly, accomplishments. These are all fun in their own right but the most exciting, and addictive, addition that Forever brings to Superhot VR is endless mode.

In endless you select one of several different battle grounds, take a deep breath and survive as long as you can. Endless takes the absolute best part of Superhot VR — making you feel like a complete badass — and turns it into a never-ending experience. You’ll be dodging bullets, grabbing weapons, nailing kills; it never stops feeling good and endless mode will never ask you to stop.


Endless mode is also incredibly challenging. Most levels set a goal of at least 80 kills and even after playing for an hour my record was only 27. Laugh all you want. You try it and see how you do.

Forever is one of the more significant post-launch updates we’ve seen for a VR game and it takes a game that was already incredible and makes it unforgettable. The one thing we were desperate for was more of this game, and now they’re giving us an infinite amount.

Life is good.


Superhot VR is available exclusively for the Oculus Rift on Oculus Home and requires Oculus Touch controllers as of today, March 7th.

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  • koenshaku

    Too bad the update didn’t include Vive support :/

    • Paulo

      It works in revive, or so ive heard

      • koenshaku

        I’ve heard as much also, I haven’t been interested enough to really try it for a couple reasons. 1. You are buying games through a hack that may be broken in future and 2. I am just not interested enough to bother heh.

        • mirak

          I am interested, but I can wait.

          • koenshaku

            Well if you’re interested don’t wait too long it could get super cold.

        • Flimmy

          Revive works perfectly fine. You can just acquire the game by alternative free means.

          Frankly Superhot is both two small to be worth the money, and I’d never support a developer which pulls this cancerous exclusivity. Especially coming from a developer who made a bomb on Kickstarter before over-charging for their games with close to zero content.

          • Nicolas Loc

            Give the developers a break. They’re not a huge company with huge cashflow. They’re a independent company with limited resource and time. Let me see you develop a game in VR and see how long it takes and see how much you want for your effort. And don’t blame the developers when they had to be exclusive for a platform. That’s Oculus talking, giving them a certain amount of money for it. And without a huge user base, only way for developers to recoup is to charge more. As more and more users purchase the game, the price will eventually goes lower like all other things in life.

          • Flimmy

            They made $250,798 on their kickstarter, $150,798 more than their goal. Then after making such an insane amount of money considering the game they’re even making, they charged $25 bucks for it. For a whole 4 hours of gameplay with nothing but repetitive “do it all over again” challenges. Give them a break? Really?

            I would think with the large amount of extra money they made from their Kickstarter, over-charging out of the kazoo for a 4 hour game which sold well, and getting exclusivity money, there’s no excuses. They’ve already made SUPERHOT, SHVR is borderline if not just straight up just reusing resources as if it was a map editor. No thanks.

          • Billy The Mountain

            lol @ this uninformed garbage. go troll elsewhere

          • Flimmy

            Nice argument, fuck off.

          • koenshaku

            You make a good point ^^

          • Pete

            Excellent point! Fuck those devs!

        • Mike Moeller

          Not to mention you need oculus home.

      • Billy The Mountain

        Works perfectly! Go play it now!

      • SandmaN

        Yep, works perfectly on the Vive – it’s a total blast to play too.

  • Jake Feinerman

    For what it’s worth, that level selection pyramid already exists! (But only after beating the game)

    • Scott C

      The conspiracy apartment isn’t new, either.

  • Ned Hoon

    Endless Mode I am very happy about that it was the main mode I played on the original and it left a huge gap for me not being included in the VR version.Cant wait.

  • Mike Moeller

    No vive support,no purchase for me

    • Nicolas Loc

      Too bad, Superhot VR gives you an experience like no other. Makes you feel like you’re in a John Woo film or The Matrix.

      • stunsound

        Try Sairento. I liked the original (non-VR) Superhot alot, but will also wait until it becomes available for Vive. In the meantime, I just discovered Sairento and it is AMAZING.

    • Billy The Mountain

      you can easily play it with revive. so worth it

      • Mike Moeller

        I’d still have to install oculus home. Not a big fan of Facebook and installing their software

  • James Friedman

    Is there a way to just select which level you want yet? haven’t played in a couple months but I hate not being able to hand the headset to a friend only to have him beat it and I can’t go back and play what he just got to experience.

    • Nicolas Loc

      after you beat the game, you have a new vr room with pyramids for each levels from tutorial to final stage. You can select any stage at that point, but will brings you back to the pyramids room as soon as you die or complete the mission. To start all the way from the beginning, delete or move the saved game files.

  • Tony

    Has the update included a menu to restart or play old levels?

  • Me

    I’ve tried it, and while it is actually a bit more than your average shooter (it gets quite tactical), I found the game to be quickly boring and repetitive.

  • alucardfuck

    Why they didn’t make also for Psvr? Motherfunjies

    • Sal Phen

      Because PSVR is sh*t compared to Oculus and Vive. I have all three.

      • alucardfuck

        In my opinion is not shit, maybe it’s just your opinion that Psvr is shit. and I’ll never be willing to buy pc stuff, for me pc=working tool, console= entertainment

        • Stacey Bright

          What I tend say is “PC, the device that actually does everything”

      • Jacob Campbell

        It might not be as good as vive or oculus but it’s certainly not shit, from what I’ve heard the screen door effect is worse on oculus which is the biggest immersion breaker for me, if anything psvr is the best in terms of value for money, and superhot could very easily run on psvr

  • davidm

    works great with revive, i refuse to pay until its available on steam! oculus exclusive is where i stop caring and pirate

    again, id buy it on steam just to support the development.