New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For Week Of 03/26/17

by David Jagneaux • March 31st, 2017

Last week Oculus Rift users got Rock Band, this week things are a bit more reserved. There is some good stuff to check out for a variety of genres though, so there’s something for pretty much everybody. Horror fans have the creepy deep sea thriller of Narcosis to look forward to, while whimsical sandbox fans can give Giant Cop a look. Amidst a handful of Gear VR titles and plenty of new Steam releases, it’s a solid week of new content.

If you missed last week, you can see those new releases here. And don’t forget that UploadVR has a Steam community group complete with a curated list of recommendations so that you don’t have to waste any money finding out what’s good in the world of VR.

Plus — check out our list of the best Oculus Rift games and best Gear VR games for more suggestions!

New Rift and Gear VR Releases on Oculus Home

Giant Cop: Justice Above All, from Other Ocean

Price: $24.99 (Rift)

Grab your coffee and donuts because you’ve got criminals to apprehend. But first, pick up that tiny little pedestrian and fling them into the ocean, before you pick up that car and throw it into the next intersection. At the core of it all you’re just a cop that’s supersized, but in reality you’ll spend more time goofing off than playing the otherwise rather boring game.

Recommendation: Wait for a price drop or discount. It’s not bad, but it lacks compelling reasons to keep playing after 5-10 minutes of being silly. Full review here.

mirrors gear vr

Mirror, from 21CN Corporation

Price: $4.99 (Gear VR)

In a shocking twist for the VR market, Mirror is a horror-themed puzzle escape the room game. And by shocking twist I mean one of the most overdone genres in the entire industry so far.

Recommendation: Pass on this one.

Stunt Kite Masters, from Handy Games

Price: $4.99 (Rift and Gear VR)

Depending on how sensitive you are to VR sickness, you may want to stay far, far away from Stunt Kite Masters. It’s exactly what it sounds like in that you’ll embark on excursions while riding a kite across scenic beaches. It’s incredibly fast and silly, albeit a bit unpolished.

Recommendation: Pass for now while it’s a Gallery app, even if it’s a Rift port on Gear VR. Worth a look if it’s ever super cheap.

Dick Wilde, from PlayStack

Price: $16.99 (Rift)

For the most part Dick Wilde is just another wave shooter, but this time there are really bright and evocative colors to keep your eyes busy with unique weapons and intense action. It’s far from being taken seriously and is mostly just a silly way to shoot some bad guys and relive some stress.

Recommendation: If you like wave shooters, this is one of the most fresh takes in a while.

Narcosis, from Honor Code

Price: $19.99 (Rift)

Narcosis is a game about exploring the deep, dark depths of the ocean in a specialized diving suit. You’ll spend most of your time refilling oxygen tanks and piecing together a horrifying story amidst the loneliness of being trapped underwater.

Recommendation: It’s a bit short and rough around some edges, but it’s far from bad. Here’s our full review.

Ghost in the Shell, from Here Be Dragons

Price: Free (Rift and Gear VR)

Take an intimate look at the mind of Major Motoko Kusanagi as you explore her memories. The feature film, releasing this weekend, is about a cyber-enhanced soldier that sets out to hunt down criminals in a near-future setting.

Recommendation: It’s free and it’s quite impressive visually. Check it out.

Hidden Fortune, from Archiact

Price: $3.99 (Gear VR)

Hidden object puzzles are classics on the PC and they fit into the VR scene quite nicely. It mixes elements of object searching with adventure game design to create a unique spin on both genres.

Recommendation: Super simple but incredibly polished. Worth a look for fans of these types of games.

New Oculus Rift Releases on Steam

EXA: The Infinite Instrument, from Aesthetic Interactive, Zach Kinstner

Price: $14.99

EXA welcomes you to a new dimension of music creation with a versatile virtual instrument. The tool can take any form and produce any sound which you can playback in loops.

Recommendation: If you’re interested in making music, this is a must have program.

Moriarty: Endgame VR, from Transmedia Entertainment

Price: $7.99 (Currently Discounted)

Moriarty: End Game is a living virtual comic book where players are allowed to enter and experience the panels/scenes of the stories. The story takes you into a post-apocalyptic world where Moriarty takes on Sherlock Holmes in their final conflict.

Recommendation: Very intriguing style of storytelling. If you’re looking for a newer way to experience a narrative, grab it.

Downward Spiral: Prologue, from 3rd Eye Studios Oy LTD

Price: $8.99 (Currently Discounted)

Influenced by 70s sci-fi, Downward Spiral drops you into a zero-G journey. You can either work through the story solo or with a friend or engage in a deathmatch mode for up to 8 players. The game includes modes with or without room-scale and locomotion that promotes comfort.

Recommendation: Very short experience that includes PvP to add a bit more value. You may disappointed with the length, but this could be an investment in a really interesting series. Check out our impressions here.

Enigma Sphere: Enhanced Edition, from Yomuneco Inc.

Price: $14.39 (Currently Discounted)

This enhanced edition of Enigma Sphere includes new game modes and experiences as you become a superagent in this interesting world. You’ll solve puzzles, find hidden spheres, and destroy android life forms in the story mode. Then, you can play challenge, sphere attack, and other modes for a more casual experience.

Recommendation: There’s a lot of fun and value to be found in this dense package. Grab it.

Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter, from Croteam VR

Price: $39.99

The First Encounter is a full VR port of the 2009 HD remaster of the original Serious Sam game and comes with not only teleportation style movement but full locomotion for those that can handle it. Here you get the full single-player campaign, cooperative multiplayer, and competitive multiplayer in Serious Engine 2017. It was in Early Access before, but now this is the full release.

Recommendation: Absolutely must have for FPS fans. If you can handle full locomotion in VR, there’s even more value to be found. Here are our thoughts.

Planet Defender, from Fevolution Innovation Inc.

Price: $6.99

Planet Defender is a wave shooter where you have 150 seconds to take down as many creatures as possible in pursuit of a high score.

Recommendation: There are similar experiences with more to them at a similar price elsewhere. Pass on this.

Gem Hunter, from FoxLeap

Price: $7.99

Gem Hunter is an action platformer where you fly a hovercraft as you collect diamonds for the Fox King. You’ll also mine gems, fight off creatures, and customize your ship while working toward the highest score.

Recommendation: Very fun experience. The early access portion is only 4 stages, but the full game will have 12. Best to grab it now because the price will go up.

Twisted Arrow, from Phaser Lock Interactive

Price: $14.99 (Currently Discounted)

Twisted Arrow is an adrenaline packed archery shooter where you must fight through a city overrun with monsters of different types. From military enemies to monstrous ones, you’ll use a collection of different arrows and your shield to survive.

Recommendation: Nock and load. This one is a blast. Read our full impressions here.

Ze VR, from Funny Bit Games

Price: $3.99

Ze VR takes the classic breakout style of gameplay and applies to it a virtual space. Shoot your balls and then deflect them with a shield or pulse to continue taking your targets out.

Recommendation: Pass on this one.

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