New PSVR Bundles Start From $250 For Sony’s Days Of Play Promotion

by Jamie Feltham • May 29th, 2019

Sony’s enticing new PSVR bundles are getting a tasty price drop right out of the gate.

PlayStation’s seasonal Days of Play event, which drops prices on hardware on software alike, returns next month. Featured in the deal are some of the new bundles the company launched yesterday. The pack containing the recently-released Trover Saves The Universe and Five Nights At Freddy’s VR, for example, is down from $299.99 to $249.99. That pack also includes a PlayStation Camera.

That’s not a bad pair of games. We quite liked Trover Saves The Universe when we reviewed it earlier this week. Our verdict on Five Nights At Freddy’s is still out, though.

The full list of deals isn’t known yet, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see the new bundle with Blood & Truth, Everybody’s Golf VR and a pair of Move controllers thrown in too. If you’re in the EU there are a few other choices, though. The PSVR Starter Pack, which includes the camera and PSVR Worlds, goes for €199.99. The frankly far better option is the Mega Pack for €229.99. The extra $30 adds Astro Bot, Skyrim, Doom VFR and Wipeout to your haul. Not bad!

You can, of course, pick up other essential hardware too. A limited edition PS4 Pro will cost $349.99, and DualShock 4 controllers will cost $39.99.

Days of Play runs from June 7th – 17th. That’s over E3! Good thing Sony isn’t showing anything this year otherwise it might have its hands full. Elsewhere in PlayStation land, we’re eagerly picking apart more details on PSVR 2.

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