New Valve Knuckles Prototypes Add Thumbsticks, Now Shipping To Devs

by Ian Hamilton • June 21st, 2018

A new generation of the Valve Knuckles controllers are rolling out to developers with thumbsticks added on. The touchpad is reduced to a small strip on the updated controllers.

Among the changes:

  • Improved industrial design and ergonomics
  • Updated input set and layout
  • Improved strap fit and feel for more hand sizes
  • New sensors, enabling new interactions
  • Improved battery life, USB-C charging port
  • Added support for SteamVR Tracking 2.0

The new “force sensors can be used in conjunction with capacitive sensors to enable higher fidelity interactions. With these two sensors working together, we can detect the full range of the hand position – from completely open, to holding the controller lightly, to gripping it tightly. This helps us understand user intent and makes things like ‘pickup and throw’ with Knuckles EV2 much improved.”

Here are some videos showing the new controllers in action:

As part of the roll-out, a new tech demo called Moondust set in the Portal universe will be available to “hundreds” of developers receiving the new controller prototypes.

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