NHL VR Highlights On The Way Via The NextVR App

by Jamie Feltham • January 31st, 2019

Undeterred by recent layoffs, VR broadcasting app NextVR is announcing a new partnership with the National Hockey League today. Get ready for NHL VR highlights.

NextVR is set to showcase highlights of key NHL games from the 2019 season in VR. The app now features a new NHL channel that will store the stereoscopic 3D content. To kick things off the company launched a VR experience captured at the All-Star Game in San Jose, California last Saturday. Content consists of post-game highlights so expect goals, saves and, of course, some good ol’ fashioned beat-downs.

It doesn’t look like there will be any live coverage of the games, but NextVR produces some of the best and clearest video we’ve yet seen in VR. It’s also free to watch around the world, which certainly helps.

“Not every fan can experience our marquee events in-person, but NextVR’s immersive content will bring fans closer to the on-ice action than ever before and make them feel like they are at a live NHL game,” Chris Golier, NHL Vice President of Business Development, said in a prepared statement.

You’ll be able to watch NHL VR content wherever the NextVR app is. That’s basically everywhere: Rift, Go, Gear, PSVR, Vive, Windows VR and Daydream all support the platform. NHL joins NextVR’s coverage of other major sporting events like the NBA.

Earlier this month we reported that NextVR had held ‘significant layoffs’. Speaking to UploadVR, the company cited VR’s slow growth as the reason for the layoffs but insisted that the majority of the company and its work wasn’t affected.

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