Nicolas Cage Is Set To Star In An Episodic VR Movie

by Jamie Feltham • January 18th, 2018

VR has its very own Face/Off; first John Travolta announced he was to star in an episodic VR series, and now Nicolas Cage is set to jump inside your headset too.

Variety reports that Cage’s latest movie, The Humanity Bureau, will be releasing as an episodic spin-off VR series on March 2nd named The Humanity Bureau VRevolution, with a traditional theatrical and home video release following the month after. The VR version won’t follow the exact plot of the movie, instead exploring alternate storylines that run parallel to the film itself. Both the film and episodes were directed by Rob W. King.

Rather than releasing as a full movie, which would be uncomfortable to view for a long period of time, VRevolution will instead roll out as an episodic series, just like Travolta’s Speed Kills. As viewers watch episodes in 360 degrees, they’ll be able to look around environments as if they were really there. Specific release platforms have not yet been announced.

In The Humanity Bureau, Cage plays a caseworker exploring a government agency that exiles citizens deemed unproductive to a new colony named New Eden. Cage works to save the likes of a woman (Sarah Lind) and her child (Jakob Davies) as well as getting to the bottom of the Bureau’s secrets.

It would seem 2018 is the year more big stars commit to VR movie experiences, even if we’re not yet getting huge Hollywood blockbusters inside our headsets. But are adaptations of upcoming traditional films really getting the best out of the medium? We’ll have to watch along in March to find out.

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