Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Strange Unofficial VR-Like Headset

by Jamie Feltham • July 5th, 2018

Nintendo’s Switch console isn’t likely to ever get VR support, but this strange new peripheral for the kit does at least look the part.

Japanese company Thanko is selling this bizarre ‘Eye Theater’ for the hybrid device. It’s a small head-mounted display that the company says will give you a 120-inch virtual screen to play your games on. It plugs into the console’s bottom port. Basically, it’s just like the cinematic mode for traditional content you can see in a lot of other VR headsets, then.

The device itself looks like a miniature version of Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR). It’s releasing in September for ¥22,780 ($206/£156) and you can also use it with your smartphone (so long as that’s USB Type C too). We wouldn’t hold our breath for a western release.

Sadly, though it does look the part, this not true VR, and it still feels like it will be a while before Nintendo commits to the tech in any kind of way. There are numerous statements from executives claiming that the company isn’t looking into VR right now, even if certain patents and other quotes suggest that it is.

As we learned this week, we can at least play fan remakes of some of the best Zelda bosses in VR, though.

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