No more wires! Virtuix Omni to show off GearVR integration at GDC.

by Will Mason • February 24th, 2015

The 2015 Game Developers Conference is a week away and the news is already pouring in. Sources within the company have confirmed something that fans of the Omni – a Kickstarter-backed omni directional trackpad that allows for walking in VR – have hoped for, integration with Samsung’s GearVR. This means that fans of the peripheral will no longer have to worry about drilling a hole in the ceiling to hang cables.

According to the same source, they will be running a Dreadhalls demo on the GearVR, so if you are going to try it out at the show make sure you bring an extra pair of underware to go with the towel for your sweat. Additionally the team will be showing the Omni running on the Rift as well. For those demos they will be showcasing the company’s TRAVR training game that they showed off at CES.

Mobile integration is great news for the device, which has been criticized for its non-home-friendly design in the past. Having tested the device myself at CES the tethered nature was definitely one of it’s biggest detractors, so I’m excited to see how it feels cable-free and if the lack of positional tracking will be worth the lack of cables in the situation. Still this doesn’t solve it’s problem of being large and heavy, and therefore for now it likely remains a very niche product.

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