Nvidia CEO: Next GeForce Cards Won’t Be Revealed For A ‘Long Time’

by Jamie Feltham • June 6th, 2018

Nvidia’s GeForce graphics cards are some of the most popular choices for powering consumer PCs today and thus, by extension, consumer VR too. But the next iteration of those cards isn’t going to be ready for some time, according to the company’s CEO.

At the Computex event in Taiwan this week, Nvidia boss Jensen Huang was asked about when we’d see the next generation of GeForce GPUs. According to PCGamer, Jensen simply replied: “It will be a long time from now. I’ll invite you, and there will be lunch.”

There’s already been several events this year at which we expected to hear about the arrival of the next GeForce cards. The company’s most recent 10 series, which is headlined by the GTX 1080, has been available for two years now. Many had hoped that there would finally be news on the cards at the Hot Chips event in August, but other reports also suggest Nvidia’s talk there has been canceled.

Even so, we’re still hopeful that Huang’s comments were more on the comedic side and that we’ll still see the new cards, presumably the 11 series, later this year. More powerful graphics cards means even more powerful VR experiences running inside out Oculus Rifts, HTC Vives and Windows VR headsets. More than that, though, we’ll need better cards at more capable VR headsets with higher resolution displays start to roll out over the next few years.

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