NVIDIA Offers Three Free VR Games With Select New Hardware

by Charles Singletary • April 25th, 2017

In the grand scheme of things, we’re still in the early stages of virtual reality adoption. While the price of admission may still be a bit on the higher end for some, the software ecosystem is inspiring people to invest and get hardware that can support these immersive experiences. Yesterday we reported on an Oculus bundle that nets you a VR-ready PC, Rift, Touch controllers, and four games for $1300. Today, NVIDIA has revealed a bundle of their own.

Starting today and for a limited time, anyone who grabs the VR-ready GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1080, GTX 1070, or GTX 1060 graphics cards, or a PC/laptop equipped with one of those cards, along with an Oculus Rift & Touch Set, will receive 3 VR games entirely for free: The Unspoken, SUPERHOT VR, and Wilson’s Heart.

The Unspoken is basically a magic fight club with addictive gameplay, the recently released Wilson’s Heart provides a platform best narrative experience, and SUPERHOT VR is an adrenaline rush that’s likely the most well known of the three across the gaming community. The three games are certainly nothing to shake a stick at; they all arguably represent the best the Oculus Rift ecosystem has to offer and, coincidentally, all received 9 out of 10 from the UploadVR editorial staff.

If you’re in the market for a VR-headset but don’t quite think your PC can carry the load, now’s a good time to grab a bundle that brings you into the fold and gives you some of the best content you can experience to boot.

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