NVIDIA’s HMD confirmed as “nothing more than a rumor”

by Will Mason • March 4th, 2015

Any hopes of a last minute surprise announcement of a new HMD from graphics card maker (and now game console maker) were dashed today. Nathan Reed, the developer technology engineer at NVIDIA, told UploadVR that the HMD was “nothing more than a rumor,” and they were not planning on making a standalone device.

Last week, rumors swirled that there would be a release from the company on the HMD front. A number of people, including ourselves, believed that the company would reveal the device at their event last night, which promised to deliver a game changing device that was five years in the making. NVIDIA did deliver on that promise, just not in the VR world, releasing a new streaming game console, super computer, and smart tv device (all in one) called the NVIDIA Shield.

Headset rumors aside, NVIDIA did release something noteworthy for VR developers and gamers today, the brand new Titan X GPU, which is being touted as “the most advanced GPU in the world.” The Titan will boast 12GB of onboard RAM, and has 8 billion transistors. As of now, the pricing is not available but it will be announced later this month at GTC. The more powerful card will look to enable games not possible before on lesser cards, including the next generation VR content that will be coming out in the next year or so.


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