‘Myst’ Successor ‘Obduction’ Now Available on Oculus Rift

by David Jagneaux • October 31st, 2016

As if taking a page from the iconic franchise that inspired it, when Obduction [Review: 8/10] released on PC back in late August, the VR version of the game was Myst-eriously absent. At the very last second, Cyan delayed the VR edition of the cinematic puzzle adventure with a label of “Coming Soon” instead of “Available Now.” Luckily, the wait is over.

Obduction is now available on Steam and Oculus Home with Oculus Rift support.

Originally, the game was slated for a July 26th release date, but got pushed back a full month for additional polish and bug fixes. In addressing Obduction for the VR platform, it involved overcoming many of the same technical hurdles and limitations that the company first did when creating the original game on PC all those years ago.

Now, 20 years later, gamers can enjoy a new adventure in a new game from the same creators that popularized the immersive first-person adventure genre in the first place. After receiving over $1.3 million in funding on Kickstarter over three years ago, it’s refreshing that the project actually lives up to expectations.

And according to official communication from Cyan, “Obduction’s 23,000 Kickstarter backers will receive access to the VR version a few days early. Details will be provided in an update from Cyan being sent to all Backers this week.”

As a fortuitous twist of fate, Riven, the original successor to Myst, originally released on Halloween 19 years ago. Fitting.

Everyone that already owns the non-VR game will receive this update automatically and it will be included in all future purchases. Oculus Home will also finally display the game starting on Halloween as well. You can view more information about the game on Steam, where it is available for purchase for $29.99. And also make sure to read our full review of the VR version.

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