OC4: Oculus Reveals Standalone Headset Oculus Go

by Jamie Feltham • October 11th, 2017

One year on from the reveal of Oculus’ standalone headset in prototype form, the company is revealing a new take on the device category. It’s a consumer model called Oculus Go.

It costs $199 and ships early next year. Facebook VP of VR called it “hands-down the easiest way” to get into VR. It’s compatible with a 3 degrees of freedom (3DOF) controller that looks similar to the device used with Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR.

Go also features next-generation lenses, offering the same field of view as the Rift and a 2560×1440 LCD panel, which Barra said offers a visually clear experience. Content is ‘binary compatible’ with Gear VR, meaning content developed for either platform will work on the other from here on out, while the best Gear VR content is coming to Go on launch day.

Developer kits ship in November.

This is a developing story.

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  • dk

    hmmm 199 ….oh got it no positional tracking

    • wheeler

      Is this confirmed?

      • dk

        they have 2 prototypes …..rift go is basically a phone ……the santa cruz has 6dof and controllers

    • Flikr

      Gear VR + $80 instead of gear VR + $800? Alright, I guess.

      • dk

        this was the fist news I heard from the event and I thought this might have positional tracking and was surprised that it’s this cheap………that’s what I meant
        on a separate note ….everyone needs a phone….. if u get an expensive samsung phone ….u can do daydream and oculus apps and u can get the goggles second hand in perfect condition for like close to half the price…..but stand alone is nice too

  • John

    199 for best in class mobile VR is really competetive. That brings easy accessible high quality VR in to the mainstream realm. And also opens up VR for many areas where standalone is a must, like schools etc. Even its its just 3dof thats a gamechanger. Who will buy a 800usd phone for vr now?

    • Justos

      just the fact that i dont need to use my phone is a huuuuuge boon to VR accessibility. it will just work, put it on and go.

      • Firestorm185

        Agreed. Zuk’s don’t work in Gear, lol, so a standalone alternative is amazing.

    • dk

      when people review phones …….they almost never mention vr ….not a signal lg v30 review mentioned that it can do daydream ……people buy expensive phones not really for vr ….but the question is ….will the companies keep integrating vr in phones if there r 10 headsets at this price ….possibly not

  • impurekind

    Some cool announcements.

  • ImperialDynamics

    This is unbelievable. Amazing. This will truly revolutionize our society. No i’m not being sarcastic, i mean every word. $199, no pc, no phone required. If this doesn’t take VR mainstream I don’t know what will.

    • dk

      so u got that it doesn’t do positional tracking right…..I mean it’s not a bad product …..but the santa cruse + a pc input for 300 would a really amazing offer……not this

    • Gerald Terveen

      when Santa Cruz hits the $199 price point VR will go mainstream I expect – especially if we see a resolution bump too by then

  • Duane Aakre

    How many years will this 3-DOF ‘toy’ set back the general adoption of VR? When true standalone 6-DOF headsets finally arrive, a lot of people are going to not be interested because they will have already tried something called VR and they weren’t impressed. These things (and the headsets that use phones) should be clearly labeled VR-Lite.

    • dk

      after this one I doubt they will ever make something with only 3dof….or maybe this one and one more after this one

    • Gerald Terveen

      I know what you mean – I tried the Rift DK1 and afterwards totally knew I wouldn’t need a DK2 or Vive or …

      Lets be fair here! People are not that stupid and the experience is not that horrible. It is just a taste of what VR can be – and it comes at a price point that fits the entry level experience. I am sure many will be disappointed by it given the limitations, but it will be the kind of disappointment where they know they want more … not less!

  • Vrtual Space

    This my friends is the porn machine, watch out VR porn industry here it comes, but its called the “go”.

    • dk

      hmm good point

  • Harry Starzec

    I would call this a step up (in terms of the widespread adoption of VR) from smartphone VR. Instead of paying $120 for a GearVR and $600+ for a compatible phone, you are paying $200 for the tech essential for VR. People who buy this are going to know that a $200 complete VR system is going to be inferior to a $1000 complete VR system (Oculus Rift + VR Ready PC, HTC Vive + VR Ready PC, or PSVR + PS4/PS4 Pro) so hopefully the not so ideal experience won’t scare people away from the industry as a whole.

    VR will officially hit the mainstream once one of the big players in VR (Google, HTC/SteamVR, Oculus) releases a fully tracked standalone VR headset for under $400 that can actually give an experience close to the today’s Vive or Oculus.