OC5: John Carmack On Go Sales And Usage: ‘It Exceeded Even My Expectations’

by Jamie Feltham • September 27th, 2018

If you wondering if Oculus’ claims yesterday that its Go headset was beating its expectations was just PR babble, John Carmack, the anti-PR just reiterated that statement.

The Oculus CTO said that he was “the most optimistic” member of Oculus about Go’s chances before launch, and it still managed to beat even his expectations. He said that user retention was “as good as Rift”, which he also said was very strong.

Oculus hasn’t shared official sales figures for Go, yet, though it was always intended to be an accessible device that as many people as possible could pick it up.

Demographically, he said Go’s users tended to be slightly older, and was even performing very well in Japan, much to his surprise. The 64GB version of the device is also apparently the more popular of the two (the other being a 32GB version).

Go launched back in May for $199. It’s a standalone VR headset, meaning all you need to jump into VR is embedded inside the device, though it doesn’t have the tracking capabilities of the Go or Oculus’ new standalone headset, the Quest.

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