OC5: Oculus Partners With VRHealth To Bring Rift And Go To Hospitals

by Jamie Feltham • September 26th, 2018

Oculus Go headsets will soon be joining Rifts in rolling out to hospitals and homes in an effort to use VR to manage patient pain and anxieties.

VR wellness company VRHealth today announced a partnership with Oculus that will see the latter’s hardware roll out to sites across the US running the former’s software. At the Oculus Connect 5 developer conference in San Jose, VRHealth will launch three pre-orders as part of the partnership.

The first is a pain management platform on Go designed for use during chemotherapy and other treatments. It includes several different activities for distraction along with visual imagery to “alter pain perception”. The hope is that the experiences provided in the platform can help patients forget about discomforts caused by their treatment. Several plans for the platform are available, each coming with a Go headset and a tablet that others can use to gather data. VRHealth also provides analytical tools that can be used to help improve treatments in the future. Plans start with a $699 payment for the Go and tablet and then range from $89 a month up to $449 a month and beyond for enterprise cases.

The second platform also helps manage pain, though is designed for home use on Go with subscriptions starting at $5 a month. Finally, another Go app focuses on wellness, incorporating brain health exercises and meditation. It tracks the user’s performance and even allows them to compare results with their friends. Oculus is assisting the company with the delivery of these platforms via its Oculus for Business program.

Rift, meanwhile has already been deployed at 30 locations across the US, running a platform for rehabilitation.

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