Oculus: A ‘Significant Percentage’ Of VR Users Still Play Seated

by Jamie Feltham • June 18th, 2018

You might think that, over two years into consumer VR, most people would have their full room-scale spaces properly set up, allowing for enthusiasts to bound around an open space like they were really there. As it turns out, though, many Oculus Rift owners still like to play sitting down.

Jason Rubin, VP of Content at the company, revealed as much in an on-stage talk with Insomniac CEO Ted Price at E3 last week. Talking about the requests he sees from VR fans around the internet, Rubin revealed that he sees lots of people asking for a ‘seated play’ mode in Oculus’ games.

“When we started working in VR, we assumed everybody would be standing, everybody would be doing those things,” Rubin explained. “It turns out a lot of people — perfectly healthy people — would like at the end of a hard day of work, or whatever they’re doing, to just sit down. But they appreciate the immersion of VR and everything else.”

He continued, noting that Oculus is now aware that “a lot of gamers” who love VR also love playing seated.

“It seems contradictory,” Rubin said. “Not at all: they love it. That’s something where nobody at Oculus, when we launched Rift, thought that would be the case. It is the case and it’s a significant percentage of players who play seated a lot of the time.”

Going on, Rubin explained that games like From Other Suns have implemented such modes as a result, though now fans have come to expect it in every Oculus game whereas teams might not have had a chance to implement it yet.

So there you go, many of us are still playing VR when seated. As someone with limited play space, I definitely understand the draw.

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