Six New Downloads From Oculus Last Week Including Esper 2 and a New Jaunt VR App

by Ian Hamilton • December 15th, 2015

Flickr VR provides access to more than 60,000 360-degree photos and when you become a bullet in DRIFT it is the craziest VR transformation you’ll undergo in the Gear VR. Those two downloads last week from Oculus joined four more including puzzler sequel Esper 2, a roadway-clearing game in Evil Robot Traffic Jam, a tour of Japan in VR Cruise and a redesigned Jaunt VR app.

We’ll take a deeper look at Esper 2 soon and you can check out our tours of Flick VR and DRIFT in the links above, but here’s a brief look what you can expect from the other four downloads with descriptions provided by Oculus. Seven new downloads were launched in the last release and there should be new apps out for Gear VR later this week.

Evil Robot Traffic Jam ($10)

Developer: Element Games


Description: “If you’ve ever wanted to put an end to traffic, here’s your chance. Pesky evil robots are causing traffic jams around the world. Play as an agent of the Evil Robot Defense Force as you fight to keep the world from total gridlock.”

Esper 2 ($10)

Developer: Coatsink


Description: “Have you ever dreamed of moving things with your mind? Esper 2 takes this power to a new level. Travel to exotic locations, solve puzzles and stop villainous plots as you try to put an end to the recent outbreak of telekinetic powers among citizens.”

Jaunt VR (Free)


Developer: Jaunt

Description: “Experience a wide array of premium cinematic VR with Jaunt?s re-imagined app. Whether on stage with Sir Paul McCartney or exploring the globe with ABC News, Jaunt delivers breathtaking experiences anytime, anywhere.”

VR Cruise (Free)


Developer: eje

Description: “VR Cruise is your ticket to Japan. This innovative app will offer video and photos such as live acts by major Japanese music artists, news from major Japanese newspapers, panoramic images of major landmarks, anime, and much more.”

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