Oculus Announces VR Charity Challenge With $100,000 Up For Grabs

by Jamie Feltham • December 10th, 2018

T’is the season to be giving and Oculus and ESL will be bestowing $100,000 upon one of two charities through the new Change the Game VR Charity Challenge web-show.

Set to run this week from December 13th – 16th, the challenge will see two teams of five influencers go head-to-head in four VR games. At the end of the week the winning team will score the prize money for the charity they’re representing. One side is playing for a gaming-focused veteran charity named Stack Up while the other is representing a mental health nonprofit that also focuses on games, named Take This (which is a brilliant name, I might add).

As for the games, we’ll see players compete in classics like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Dead and Buried, and Creed: Rise to Glory. There’s also going to be a Face Your Fears round which we’re not quite sure how will work. Perhaps it’s the last team to ‘nope’ out of it?

You can see a trailer for the show below. It promises to be more than just a simple stream with themed sets.

There’s set to be one match per day, airing as one short episode. You’ll be able to watch along via the Oculus Facebook page or YouTube channel at 10AM PT every day.

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