Oculus begins supporting Windows 10 with 0.7 runtime

by Ian Hamilton • August 28th, 2015

Oculus launched its 0.7 runtime which adds preliminary support for Windows 10 but pulls the extended mode feature that saw a Rift development kit as a secondary monitor. Get the runtime here.

The support for Windows 10 requires specific drivers that are linked on the download page above. The update may cause frustration for DK2 owners over the next few months as developers and enthusiasts get caught between operating system upgrades. From Oculus:

It is important to note that the Oculus 0.7 Runtime is the only version that is compatible with Windows 10. You can, however, run content compiled in Oculus SDK 0.6 or higher, if the Oculus 0.7 Runtime is installed. If you wish to continue running content compiled in earlier versions of the SDK (pre-0.6), you should NOT upgrade to Windows 10 at this time.


The 0.7 runtime includes a heads-up display (HUD) that can be turned on to check performance of your system

DrashVR was able to get Titans of Space up and running in Windows 10 as he transitions the well-loved free demo to become Titans of Space [Classic]. He is shifting to work on “large feature and content updates that add lots of value” for a “full version” that will eventually be made available for purchase. I tested the newly available “Classic” version in Windows 10 and it looks beautiful with lots of detail represented on the planet surfaces.

But if you’ve been enjoying VR space battles in Elite: Dangerous and want to continue to do so you need to keep using the earlier 0.5 runtime. That means not upgrading to Windows 10 as well. Oculus is targeting a November release for version 1.0 of its platform that should see continued support going forward. In other words, this situation should be resolved before the end of the year as the software stabilizes on the path to the consumer launch of the first consumer Rift early next year. In the meantime DK2 owners will have to closely watch for updates from developers of their favorite VR experiences to ensure compatibility with the latest operating system and Oculus software.

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