Oculus Is Announcing A Big New Fully-Funded Title Within The Next Week

by David Jagneaux • July 12th, 2017

We don’t always report on teases like this, but when one of the major three VR headset manufacturers tells you in an interview that they’re currently working on a big new title that’s going to be announced soon, you tend to perk up a bit.

During an interview with Jason Rubin last week we talked about the Rift + Touch sale, the upcoming Lone EchoEcho Arena’s enormous popularity, and a few other topics, one of which was an upcoming announcement. While Rubin couldn’t go into details about the impending announcement, he did say:

“We feel really, really good about the content we’ve released and a lot of the things that are coming soon. In fact, we’ve got a major announcement in the next week of a new, fully-funded title that Oculus is doing, we’ll have more on that very soon.”

And that’s all we have to go on unfortunately. It’s barely more than a tease. With Lone Echo and Echo Arena both slated to release in just over a week’s time we’re due for more big releases. Plenty of the titles we saw at GDC are still on the horizon, such as Brass Tactics and From Other Suns, but since Rubin confirmed this is a major announcement of a new, fully-funded title” it stands to reason that this is entirely unrelated to either of those projects.

Is this a brand new IP, similar to what Ready at Dawn crafted with Lone Echo? Or is this going to be related to an existing IP, like Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew? With San Diego Comic Con coming up (SDCC) maybe this is related to something happening there? All we can really do is wait and see.

Our interview happened late last week which means that by the end of this week or early next week we should have our answer. What do you hope Oculus is working on next? Let us know down in the comments below!

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  • impurekind


  • Justos

    Welcome to all the new Oculus owners! This right here is why Oculus is a great choice ! They are investing 500 million dollars into games for all of us!

  • Tommel

    Very nice. I can’t wait to see what it is. I don’t want to start a Vive/Rift discussion, but I really like the efforts (money) FB/Oculus is putting into software development.

  • Christy Buzek Shelly

    The Oculus funded titles so far have been polished gems that are really worth playing. I look forward to this announcement immensely!

    • Serpher

      Exactly. Look at Robo Recall. The best looking VR shooter out there. This is what big budget gets you.

    • Mk.82

      The sad part is that Oculus is the one that is really putting “high level” requirement for the A-level VR games.

      I was on market to buy VR, I was going to Vive because I have almost all games in Steam (except one, that is main reason to go for VR!) but the Oculus Summer Deal to get Rift + Touch + 3 Sensors + XBox + Remote was only a 518€ and the seven games. Compare that to Vive only 989€ + 129€ for the special strap to get headphones and little better than default strap.

      Even that I checked few videos etc about VR, that I knew that Rift can be used with Steam VR (and not so much other way around as ReVive is just a hack) it really shocked me that Steam really don’t have much to offer at all as market place for quality content!

      The Robo Recall is already a masterpiece (just wishing to see more and more content, weapons, levels, enemies etc easily) and it is because the system is designed so well around the VR.

      I would have wanted to buy the “John Wick Chronicles” as really like the movies and idea. But the implementation was way too much like a 90’s gaming halls railshooters without a story or “reason”.

      The Robo Recall works well with the teleportation (and there are those few other like Raw Data) but I really want to see game studios to just stick to the mini-joystick / touchpad to move around. Like implement the ARMA/Flashpoint style system where head is separated from body. So you rotating head will rotate the head and kneeling will kneel soldier. And then put left stick to move forward/backward and sidestep, while keep the right controller then for weapon and that way give the direction where to go.

      The VR in room shouldn’t be limited to the movement, but more for the leaning, crouching and such, while the actual movement is still used with the sticks.
      The coming Doom VR is likely a one that just will fail because the teleportation, just like the Serious Sam VR looks to be same failure. Games that really need that fast movement etc, and they implement the teleportation that just doesn’t work like in Robo Recall.

      The sad part is as well that there is too little games inverted to VR without extra costs. Like buy a VR version for full prize? No…. It needs to be the free update or at least a small charge (like 4,99 if original game was 49,99) so they can get the userbase up and going. Then do these new titles that can cost little more.

      But the games really need to be more than just “technology demos” and more like Robo Recall by the visuals.

  • RationalThought

    I really wish they was a more unified approach but I hope the Vive vs Oculus stuff is dying away………..we all win as long as they both succeed. We don’t need another Sega vs Nintendo/ Xbox vs PS……….Both need to do well and learn from each other.
    Now we need wireless options to come down the pipe for Oculus too! If Oculus was smart they would release some sort of infra red stickers or sleeve to put on objects that does something similar to what the Valve Tracker’s do and we can just have uniform functionality across the board.

  • Mike549

    B-but Facebook is ruining VR!!1 You are better off paying $900 for the Vive (with deluxe audio strap) than $399 for the Rift. LOL

    • Roman

      who is facebook?


      Yes, you are so right! Where is the “Google Oculus Trump” guy, where, i ask??!!?! 🙂

  • MrLonghair

    Nothing feels as good as a solid polished VR title, speaking from a PSVR perspective. God knows I’d drop the $399 if I’d had them to spare and join in the fun.

  • Robbie Cartwright

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear the announcement!

  • unreal_ed

    Now that you mention it, since SDCC is next week, and Insomniac is making a Spider-Man game and they haven’t announced any VR stuff in a while….. Could be a Spider-Man VR game ! They’d already have assets and an engine to work with, so they’d save money on it

    • Robyn

      That would be awesome if done right

    • No!

  • Brandon

    What was it?

    • Mucker2002

      Lone Echo