New Oculus Bundle Gets You Rift, Touch, VR-Ready PC, And Four Great Games For $1300

by Joe Durbin • April 24th, 2017

Facebook’s Oculus VR team is announcing a new bundle for its Oculus Rift VR system. The bundle will be available in “select territories” through Amazon and NewEgg. With it, customers can get a Rift headset, the Oculus Touch controllers, an ASUS VivoX PC, and four free games for the total price of $1300.

The games for this bundle are all standouts and include: Superhot VR, VR Sports Challenge, The Unspoken and the upcoming Wilson’s Heart. The bundle is only available for a limited time and expires on June 13.


In addition to this bundle Oculus is also announcing a new partnership with Microsoft to create a gaming tournament around Insomniac’s The Unspoken, which was designed with competitive play in mind. According to a release from Oculus:

We’re excited to announce that has Oculus teamed up with Microsoft, Insomniac Games, Intel, ASUS and ESL to host an in-store gaming tournament – The Unspoken VR Tournament.

On May 13th, participants can test out their sorcery skills at select Microsoft Store locations across the U.S. and Canada. Local winners will then battle it out at a series of regional competitions on May 20th.

Regional finalists will advance to the national finals, hosted at the flagship Microsoft Store in NYC on June 3rd. All finalists will receive free trip to New York City to compete for the grand prize: Rift and Touch, an Oculus Ready PC and $1,250 in cash!

The Unspoken is a game that was created by Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank/Sunset Overdrive), and funded by Oculus Studios. In it you take on the persona of a Harry Dresden-esque urban sorcerer and battle it out with other spellcasters over the internet.

The Unspoken was a launch title for the Rift’s Touch controllers and uses the devices as its primary input method. Spells are casts via a combination of button presses and physical motions using Touch.

According to a blog post, the full slate of prizes mentioned above will be “worth more than $7500.”

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