Oculus Senior Developer Strategy Callum Underwood Departs Company

by Jamie Feltham • July 10th, 2017

Oculus is parting ways with another long-standing employee today. Senior Developer Developer Strategy Callum Underwood is leaving the company over three years since he joined.

Underwood wrote about the decision to leave Oculus on a blog today, revealing that he was leaving to join indie videogame publisher, Raw Fury.

“I’ve always been slightly estranged at Oculus and Facebook, being one of the only people to work from home remotely, and the only member of my team not based in the office in Menlo Park, US,” Underwood said of his time with Oculus. “With that said, Oculus, and the people within it, completely changed my life. The company bent over backwards to make sure my time here has been fulfilling, stress free, and exciting. If I wasn’t so set on going small again, I’d be at Oculus for a long, long time.”

As one of the first Oculus employees appointed outside of the USA, Underwood was the point of contact for many VR developers in Europe, helping to bring content to the Rift and Gear. He first joined the company as Publishing and Developer Relations shortly before the Facebook acquisition was announced in early 2014. He held the role of Senior Developer Strategy for eight months.

Underwood is the third high-profile member of the Oculus team to leave the company so far this year. Founder and Rift inventor Palmer Luckey left a few months ago following the controversy surrounding his donations to a political campaign, while Head of Developer Strategy Anna Sweet also parted ways with Facebook in April. These changes came just as Facebook appointed Hugo Barra as its VP or VR and the new leader of Oculus.

It’s been a quiet few months from Oculus as a whole, but we’re looking forward to seeing what the company has planned for the future when Oculus Connect 4 gets underway later this year.

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