Oculus Customer Service Tickets Answered By ‘Steve’ In Response to South Park Episode

by Will Mason • November 15th, 2014

“Oculus Customer Service, This is Steve.” The folks over at Oculus have a great sense of humor. In response to Wednesday’s South Park episode, all of the customer support tickets on Thursday were answered by “Steve” who wanted to make sure he “[took] care of all your customer needs in a timely and satisfactory manner.” This excellent little Easter egg appeared to have gone relatively unnoticed, but after sending a quick message to the real Oculus support team I received a terrific response from ‘Matt’ confirming the joke:

Oculus customer service message

Well played, Oculus. Well played.

It’s always great to see when a company can have a good sense of humor. After not responding to the episode in any way on social media, it was great to see Oculus give a nod to it in this subtle way.

For those of you who missed the episode, minor spoiler alert, the South Park gang get stuck in a “customer service loop” with ‘Steve’ from Oculus customer service, in which they can not escape unless they have received and expressed receiving “satisfactory customer service.” The gag is at the centerpiece of an episode that highlighted VR and, as we wrote about on Thursday, created a lot of buzz for it on social media.


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