Oculus Doesn’t Want To Hear That VR Has No Games Anymore

by Jamie Feltham • March 20th, 2017

Oculus is assembling a big portfolio of VR games for 2017, with a new Studios title every month from now until December. But why pace these releases so aggressively? Because it wants to put one of VR’s major complaints to rest.

That’s what Executive Producer David Yee told me when we sat down to talk earlier this month. I asked Yee what Oculus was hoping to see when they looked back on this year by December or early next January.

“We want to hear from people that they’re not waiting for real games anymore,” he said. “We feel like we’ve developed some real games here from real developers that are hours of experiences and not minute demos or little tech demos.”

Yee believes one of this month’s Studios exclusives, Epic Games’ Robo Recall [Review: 7.5/10], was the start of beginning to prove that, also adding that giving it away for free was a way of rewarding early adopters. A lack of full, high-quality games is one of the biggest complaints people leverage against VR in this state; even industry evangelists like Cliff Bleszinski have been saying as much in recent weeks.

By the end of the year Oculus will have released other big games like Lone Echo, From Other Suns, Wilson’s Heart, and The Mage’s Tale, all of which are weapons in the battle against VR’s image problem.

Yee also hopes that developers will continue to learn lessons for this year’s Studios slate. He looked back to year one, explaining that many developers had spent the year learning about the benefits of the company’s new Touch controllers.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that Wilson’s Heart and Lone Echo also started as gamepad games,” he revealed. “Our developers were figuring out how do we make this work with the two buttons and basically trying to pull the trigger. Are they going to have arms on the thumbsticks? So as soon as the developers got Touch earlier in the last year they’re like, “We’re all in.”

Oculus hopes similar lessons are taken from the next year so that we might see another big jump in Studios titles for 2018, too.

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  • Get Schwifty!

    Let the hate begin…


      OK, i’ll get the ball rolling….Ahem: Oculus is ruining the VR ecosystem with their “walled-garden”, the tracking sux, Palmer supports Trump, its too expensive, the pre-orders are taking too long, too many usb ports, Facebook is the devil, you cant do huge room scale, paying for timed exclusives is unforgivable….. did i miss anything? 🙂

      • Bundy

        Hmmm. Being a bit picky, but your “can’t do huge roomscale” should have been qualified with a nod at the “vastly superior lighthouse tracking” on the Vive. Otherwise I think you caught them all.

        • CURTROCK

          you are soooo right! sorry i missed that one! LOL

      • Luca Rini

        I’ve got 4 sensors and have had tracking issues till I realised my sensors were pointed every direction but me. I used a laser pointer on the bottom of each sensor to point where I stand and I’ve never had a tracking issue since. Oculus needs to ship a laser pointer with the sensors And they need to let me use the rift without their sofrware.

        • Bundy

          Not sure a laser pointer is necessary. Shouldn’t be hard to more or less point each sensor towards the middle of your space. Haven’t had any issues myself with a 3 sensor setup

          • Luca Rini

            I couldn’t even get room more than 2 sensors to show up till I used the laser. Probably because of how small my play area is. It work now tho. I’ve got the top score in Arizona sunshine hoard mode in the old mines.

      • NooYawker

        Here’s the problem, the article is about availability of games. Not about the VR sets themselves.

        • CURTROCK

          I know…I was just trying to have some fun..truth be told, I’m thrilled with Oculus and all they are doing with/for VR. Rift is the coolest piece of tech I’ve ever used, and I can’t wait to put it on, everyday! Rock on, Oculus !

      • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

        Can’t believe you mentioned Palmer supports Trump but forgot to mention Palmer financed an alt-right group that Milo Yiannopoulos was a part of.

        • CURTROCK

          No one cares about any of it. Except you. But keep on beating that dead horse…I’m sure you are making a difference.

          • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

            Just making sure that anyone interested in an Oculus Rift knows that the founder of Oculus financed an alt-right pro-Trump group with Milo Yiannopoulos. As I don’t think Oculus are going to tell customers to Google Oculus Trump.

          • JSM21

            No one cares dude and all you EVER talk about in here is the stupid elections…. Do you live in a basement of your grandparents house? When was the last time you actually SAW the sunlight outside of your house? No I don’t mean looking out the basement window either.

          • Mike Brown

            Actually…people do care if they are essentially supporting some douche-bag who thinks financing Nazis is awesome.

      • JSM21

        1) who gives a crap who voted for who? Seriously…..
        2) they can and are doing room-scale tracking and it works fine now since the 1.11 patch messed it up;
        3) what pre-orders…..oh your talking about the PAST in DEC. when it launched. So you want to argue about the fact that more ppl ordered than expected and some ppl have to wait a wk, awwww poor things;
        4) pretty sure that FB was not in the Bible;
        5) if I paid you say, 1 million and asked you to make me a game, you took the money and made it umm why the hell would I want to give it to another company that didn’t pitch in on funds? Oculus lets Revive customers buy and play games that is on the Oculus store. EVERY VR platform has game made just for their system….but I guess you haven’t looked to see how many on Steam does NOT have the Oculus logo beside the game name. The other day I counted 12 of 15 on one page that did NOT have the Oculus logo on it.
        6) I think you just like to complain and not look at all the facts…. 🙂

        • CURTROCK

          I was having some fun, quoting all the Oculus haters. I figured my sarcasm was obvious, but for the record I am a 100% completely satisfied & happy Rift owner.

        • Ben

          Actually seeing someone type “pretty sure that FB was not in the Bible” has made my week.

      • polysix

        Yeah, Rift CV1 is a piece of crap, bad blacks, god rays, low FOV. They need to stop milking this tarted up dev kit and release a real “consumer version” soon (Gen 2). Same goes for VIVE btw.

        • Buddydudeguy

          Not sure if serious. blacks are fine, god rays are a non issue, FOV is fine. Wilson’s Heart is amazing btw, oh…you wouldn’t know.

  • VR Geek

    All I can say is that I hope these games make it onto other platforms as no matter how well they get reviewed, the market they are in is still very tiny and will not materially matter. I can see why so many are against exclusives as it too early in VR’s coming out to start dividing the market into exclusive groups. I would buy some of these games if they came out for any HMD that met the minimum requirements as then it would allow more to enjoy, and the more that enjoy, the more buzz will be created and more demos to friends etc. We need more, not less to help VR take off. Sucks that Oculus is so stuck operating in a paradigm that seems to only work for mature markets. Who knows…maybe we will look back and say Oculus had it right although that looks very unlikely IMO. Maybe they will be a key part of the new Xbox VR and these exclusives will make their way over to that platform. That will make more sense than going exclusive with the 150-200k users they have now. Like Get Schwifty said, Let the hate begin. BTW…the hate has not historically been a part of the comments here. It seems to be a new trend as VR grows. Has me contemplating as to why.

    • JSM21

      You do realize w/ Revive these “exclusives” are able to be purchased and played by ppl w/ Vive?

      • VR Geek

        While this is true and I am already a Revive user, non geeks and those who are very busy are not going to jump through the hoops.

        • Justos

          “non geeks”

          “people who own a 1000$ HMD from Valve/HTC”

          pick one.

      • MiddleOfTheRoad

        Yea they are, and i have Revive installed. I still wont pay for a game on the Oculus Store. If they officially supported the Vive then i would. But i’m not paying $30 and hoping that revive doesn’t get patched away.

        At the end of the day, if they don’t want to sell games on steam that’s fine, but locking games based on hardware isn’t cool. (even if you can “hack” around it)

  • NooYawker

    There still isn’t a VR game that comes close to a regular AAA game. Arizona Sunshine I think comes the closest to a full fledged game. While Robo recall has great graphics and is well polished, it still isn’t really a fleshed out game. You go from one point to another and shoot at the same few robots. Even one of my favorites Call of the Starseed is one short episode. There just isn’t a large enough user base to justify investing serious money into a game right now.

    • JSM21

      Then you don’t know what your missing out on. I have 50 VR games between Oculus and Steam stores and stay busy on the wknds w/ friends attempting to finish them all solo or co-op/multiplayer.

      • NooYawker

        Give me your top 5. I’m actually playing edge of nowhere. Sometimes I just want to stay seated. I’m enjoying it.

  • JSM21

    That title doesn’t make any sense when you read the article….

  • Be 2U

    all this games is bad……………………