Oculus: Don’t Hold Your Breath For New Rift Tech Soon

by Jamie Feltham • July 21st, 2017

Thinking that Oculus’ insane Rift sale is to clear out stock for something new? Think again: the company has no plans for new Rift tech anytime soon.

Head of Content Jason Rubin said as much in a recent interview with Cnet, assuring people that just bought the headset — currently discounted to $399 with Oculus Touch — that they have years of content ahead of them. “I want to be clear: we are dropping the price to get more people in Rifts because we expect the next years to be very Rift-focused and Rift-centric,” Rubin said.

He noted that it would “take a while” for technologies such as eye-tracking and wireless support to become fully integrated features of a Rift headset. Wireless might be added via a peripheral in the future, similar to upgrade kits we’re currently seeing for the HTC Vive, but Oculus won’t be making it an out of the box feature for a long time.

“To answer your question about all these other technologies: People should not hold their breath and wait, it’s not coming in a minute,” Rubin added.

It sounds like we won’t be hearing about a true successor to the Rift anytime soon, then. That is unless the next iteration of the device is only incremental in its updates. For now, the company is focusing on content, having just released Lone Echo and announced one of its first big title for 2018 in Marvel Powers United VR.

If we are to see any hardware updates from Oculus soon, it will likely be in the standalone VR section. Last year at Oculus Connect the company showcased a prototype headset in this category, so we could possibly get a fresh look at this year’s event, especially with recent leaks suggests it’s work on not one but two standalone devices.

What's your reaction?
  • Xron

    Well, if they won’t have anything by next years 2nd half, then there will be som1 else who will, and oculus won’t be able to keep up, at the pace they’re going now… if it takes them “YEARS” for 2nd gen…

    • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

      They won’t keep up with early adopters. Won’t make much of a difference with V1. But even V1 has a round 2.

      • Rogue Transfer

        That’s the hope. But not every V1 has a sequel.

  • Get Schwifty!

    Not sure I buy all this, there is no real time frame outside of dispelling the idea of a sudden new release which people undoubtedly will think. They need to expand in the market and short it up; releasing a revised HMD, etc. on top would just segment the market further. Expect incremental upgrades from Vive with a significant price tag and then more encompassing releases from Rift with a better value over time. At least for now that appears to be the strategy from both camps.

    • Xron

      Well, I wish they could let us upgrade to 4k screens atleast, so 360 experiences wouldn’t be as dull and watching movies would be more immersive. So a 1.5 version would be nice aswell.

      • mirak

        I think they better do headsets dedicated to movies, where all pixels are dedicated to the cinéma screen.

  • dan bryant

    Can’t say I’d rush out and spend more on another HMD in the foreseeable future
    It’s all about the games at the end of the day and so far it’s been a bit disappointing tbh ☹️

  • Boogieman

    To be honest, Oculus has lied/deceived us quite a lot. I would take their words as a grain of salt.

  • wowgivemeabreak

    Like I would expect him to say “yes, we’re coming out with a new headset next year” which would kill most potential Rift sales until then.

    I mean really, give me a break.

    I hope we get a new headset next year, either as a new Rift or Vive. I like my Rift and look forward to a new headset with higher res and inside out tracking. An increased FOV would also be nice.

  • Surykaty

    Expanding market with 0 gen low-res tech is bullshit .. people play with it but after the first whoah moment they get put off by the large pixels and screendoor. Oculus has been wrong in their strategy so many times it’s nearly becoming ridiculous.. if people are asking themselves if Oculsu is ready to release another iteration that shows signs that the market is heating up for something new

    • Marc

      You’re an idiot. Valve/HTC approach is a cancer to VR, if thats what you want, VR would be dead by now

      • Surykaty

        how am I defending HTC’s approach or even mentioning it? pick your fights wisely you fool.. don’t create fights where there are none

  • Dev Rifter

    yeah , like you could believe what they say

  • wheeler

    Don’t think that’s a good move but maybe they just can’t convince their investors yet. People are blown away by VR but the impression I have is that most are still waitiing for gen 2. The current gen’s deficits are pretty blatant even to the non-techy crowd. Space/flying sims, racing games, first person shooters, etc etc are all hamstrung by today’s hardware. If Oculus really wants to kick start VR rather than waiting for things to improve gradually, I don’t think they’re can do it with gen 1 hardware. It’s just not good enough.

    On the SteamVR end, Valve has revealed that a number of SteamVR compatible HMDs are in development (only one had been revealed but that was a prototype with expected improvements in e.g. resolution) which I would expect to be at least “gen 1.5”. Who knows what HTC is up to–I don’t have much faith in them.

  • They’re continuing saying that, but I don’t believe that completely. Vive is clearly thinking about a new device since it has upgraded its tracking tech… and it won’t be compatible with Vive 1. So Oculus will have to answer. I think this will happen at beginning of 2018… that is not that far away…

    • mirak

      You mean Valve, not Vive.
      HTC is focused on a standalone headset for Google Day Dream, and the Vive can be upgraded like with eye tracking or wireless.

      However Valve is developping the Knucle controllers with new Lighthouse tracking, and LG also have a headset coming.

  • Boogieman

    No way am I paying 400-500 dollars for a soon to be out-of-date hardware. Technology is moving faster than we all think. I will just wait 1-2 years until the Rift or some other gaming headset is like 200-300 bucks lol. Either that, or I will buy the new consumer version 2 of either Oculus or Vive.

  • zflorence1

    He is right, I’ve said before that based on previous comments and FB/OC data we should not expect CV2 before 2019; I’m leaning towards a reveal summer of 2019 at E3 and a launch fall/winter of 2019. It’s tricky to predict if they will reveal at E3 again or choose Connect; I doubt we will see a vast ocean of time between the reveal and the launch this time around because they will want to maximize overall profits for CV1 so perhaps they won’t reveal at E3 this time if they plan on launching in a Q1 or Q2; only way I could see them revealing again @ E3 would be if they planned on launching for the Christmas holiday.

  • Itchy_Robot

    I am sitting here on the sidelines waiting for higher resolution, $500 price mark. I can’t be the only one?