Oculus Exclusive FPS ‘Damaged Core’ Hits This Week

by Jamie Feltham • August 29th, 2016

Searching for the next big game to play on your Oculus Rift? Look no further than Damaged Core.

This promising first-person shooter from High Voltage Software is hitting tomorrow, August 30th. The developer confirmed as much over on its Twitter account, where it’s also posting cryptic hints of the game’s story. The game is developed under the Oculus Studios banner and thus exclusive to the Rift.

Damaged Core takes place in a war torn future in which you’ll battle an army of robots by hacking into them. You dart about the battlefield, assuming control of one mechanical solider at a time. Different classes of enemies have different types of weapons, meaning you’ll have to juggle the types of robot you take over to get the best results. A common foot soldier, for example, is great for quickly taking out surrounding enemies, but bigger, stronger machines pack more firepower while proving to be an easier target.

Interestingly, the game is played with a gamepad and not the upcoming Oculus Touch controllers. Aiming is assinged to your head movements. We got to play the title back at GDC in March and found a lot to like in its unique approach to VR shooting. The teleportation method eliminates locomotion problems while enemy variety ensures you’re constantly switching things up. We’ll let you know our final thoughts with a full review later in the week.

While the HTC Vive has been enjoying plenty of FPS titles thanks to its position-tracked controls, Damaged Core is one of the first major attempts at bringing the genre to the Oculus Rift. High Voltage is a fitting developer to take up that task, as it also helped pioneer shooters on the Wii with its Conduit series. Touch controls haven’t been ruled out just yet, though if they are coming it will be well after the game’s initial launch; the controllers aren’t expected to arrive until Q4 2016.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on news about High Voltage’s other promising Rift and Gear VR title, Dragon Front. The collectible card game brings strategic battles to life, but we’re not yet sure when it will be launching.

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