Oculus Is Extending The $399 Rift Sale Due To High Demand

by Jamie Feltham • August 11th, 2017

It looks like Oculus’ massive Summer Sale on its Rift headset is indeed going well; the company is extending the promotion “due to high demand”, so you’ll have more time to pick it up at the $399 mark.

“Due to high demand, and the resulting switch to the all-in-one Rift+Touch package, we’re extending the sale by a few weeks to make sure everyone can take advantage of the Summer of Rift promotion,” an Oculus spokesperson told UploadVR. “We’ll definitely notify the community before the sale ends.”

Originally the sale was meant to last six weeks. That was four weeks ago now, so the sale was initially meant to end around August 21st. It now sounds like the deal could at least carry through into early September, which is great news. The Rift has been out of stock as many a retailer since the deal went live, so this will give people more time to keep checking stocks and get an order in before the price goes up to the new permanent cost of $499.

Before the sale the Rift and Touch bundle would have run you around $598, so there’s a massive saving on offer here. Since it’s launch we’ve seen plenty of people jump into VR for the first time and start having some amazing experiences. Sadly, we don’t know exactly how many units have been sold right now.

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  • nathan willard

    This is great news for all high end vr fans, larger vr market means greater titles and larger volume of releases. I am a vive owner and see this as good for everyone as most developers will make their games compatible across hardware as we have seen in the steam vr library.


    Well I guess that’s great if that is true but I thought the opposite when I heard this news.

  • Crunchy005

    Duh? They nearly had to cut the rift price in half to get that demand.

    • daveinpublic

      It’s about half of what Vive is now. That’s the advantage Oculus has with it’s owner’s deep pockets, and they’re finally using the advantage. No way that Vive can chase them down this rabbit hole. Of course, all Facebook wants is the ability to build the greatest social network of all time, a virtual social world. They’re doing everything they can to transfer their social dominance to VR, alt space will kick themselves in 4 years. They don’t care if Vive wins, or Daydream, they’ll release their social network everywhere. This is just a way to ensure success.

      • Crunchy005

        Ya, I get that. The fact that they had to cut the price this much to finally get demand for the rift is kind of sad. I feel that alone speaks pretty loudly for the product, not that it’s bad and at $400 that’s amazing.

  • polysix

    good news for everyone (cept HTC and vive fanboys)

    • Justos

      DUDE what about fuck facebook, fuck oculus, fuck all that junk. Spyware on your machine! etc.

      You were the main pioneer of that shit on this site. Not that im complaining, but what a turnaround! Welcome to VR. I’ve been saying this since the beginning 😉 The Rift HMD was always better than the vive, but it lacked motion controls. Now they are here and the tracking is flawless, plus the price decrease, there is really no comparison.

      • Crunchy005

        For $400 the rift is amazing, just sad it won’t work in the space I play in. I don’t have any good places to mount the cameras properly and to have 3 of them, for me the vive works better for my space although I did buy the vive before the rift had touch out. All in all they both have similar capabilities although now it’s hard to recommend the vive at all at $800 unless it’s necessary. If the vive dropped to $700 it might make more sense to possibly recommend it. The rift with a third sensor is still $460 so $240 difference and when sale is over $140 with the vive at $700. Eh will be interesting to see what HTC does, although I think HTC has a lot more of the professional market so they don’t see a need to lower the price. Either way more demand is good for VR in general.

    • JMB

      Pretty sad life if you have to identify by what product you purchase.

      I have both, love them both, they have different strengths and it shouldn’t be about either/or but about VR as a whole.

      Given you used to swing in the exact opposite direction paints a pretty clear picture about how you emotionally justify your purchases.

  • koenshaku

    I bet this price remains permanent to stay competitive with Microsoft MR.

  • Boogieman

    Just wait for CV2 or CV3. VR currently sucks and it still gives major motion sickness.

    • Scholar4


    • LaRocky

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Like anything, it depends what experiences you start out with and how long you’ve you actually played VR before trying the more extreme experiences. CV2, CV3, CV10, Vive 25, etc is not going to change that fact. Same as your first roller coaster ride should not be the most extreme roller coaster.