Oculus Go Is $179 For Black Friday, Rift Down To $349

by Ian Hamilton • November 21st, 2018

Facebook’s Oculus is discounting the standalone Oculus Go headset around 10 percent at participating retailers for Black Friday through Nov. 26.

The deal should see Oculus Go priced starting at $179, discounted from its typical $199, starting on Nov. 22 at 11:59 PM local time. We’ll note that many buyers opt for the larger capacity 64GB Oculus Go, which typically costs around $249. If you’re just checking out VR for the first time or looking to upgrade from Gear VR, the 32 GB included in the base Oculus Go is generally enough for several large-size VR apps or movies.

The deal should be available in the United States, Britain and elsewhere atĀ Oculus.com, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Argos, Digitech, CoolBlue, Newegg and others. Elsewhere, the Oculus Rift will be going to its usual sale price of $349 too.

Oculus software teams recently added casting to the standalone headset so that nearby phones can mirror what the viewer sees in VR. Casting is a critical feature for sharing Go with others and does a lot to make it fun to share with friends and family. We praised Oculus Go for its impressive visual clarity and excellent fit, there are some great games for the platform and there’s even a useful official case you can get to help travel with the device.

If you’re thinking about picking up Oculus Go, be sure to check out our buyer’s guide.

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