Oculus Go FCC Listing Suggests 32GB/64GB Models Inbound

by Jamie Feltham • January 5th, 2018

Oculus promised that its new standalone headset, Oculus Go, would be here in early 2018 and, well, it’s early 2018. While we don’t have official details on the headset’s launch just yet, an FCC listing for it does hint at something interesting.

The listing, first spotted by German site Mobielkopen, lists two models for Oculus Go, which are said to be ‘identical’ down to one key feature: memory. The first model, MH-A32 has 32GB of memory while the other, MH-A64 doubles that up to 64GB. In other words, the only difference is that you’ll be able to store more games and apps on the latter model. We don’t yet know if Go will feature expandable memory via SD card.

We’ve reached out to Oculus to ask if the company does indeed plan to launch two versions of the device. The other good news is that the FCC’s listing means Go has been approved for sale, not that we were expecting it not to be.

If true then you can expect the 32GB version to be the model with the $199 price point announced at Oculus Connect last year, like the 64GB version priced slightly higher.

Oculus Go offers three degrees of three (3DOF) tracking, allowing users to look around and tilt their head in a VR environment like the Gear VR, but not physically move it through virtual space as seen with the Oculus Rift. The kit’s launch line-up will consist of the best content from the past three years of Gear VR releases and Gear developers will be able to release their current projects on the platform too. Experiences are controlled with a 3DOF motion controller.

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  • gothicvillas

    “Oculus Go offers three degrees of three (3DOF) tracking, allowing users to look around and tilt their head in a VR environment like the Gear VR, but not physically move it through virtual space”
    Wow that must suck. Im out.

    • GarynTX

      Yep. Stopped reading after 3DOF. Would rather be tethered.

    • Justin Davis

      It’s a portable 3D 180/360 degree porn video device.

      • David D. Taylor

        One of the biggest reasons they made this is to improve one of the biggest problems with phone VR: ease of access. Having to take the case off your phone… especially if you have a freaking otter box like I do… is a pain to do, just to play mobile VR. They you have to actually put it in, sometimes getting a surprise update you need to take the phone out to complete. On more than one occasion, I’ve wanted to film someone’s reaction to the game, only to realize they are using my phone in the headset. On top of that, they’ve added 360 audio to the headset without the need of headphones.

        I loved both gear headsets I’ve had…. for about a week or so, until I get tired of the above… that, plus I do have a premium headset with better games on it…

        But my point is, this headset is better than the mobile headsets based on ease of use and it being FAR more affordable than buying a $120 headset with a $600 phone, and I think it continues to push the industry forward.

        • Justin Davis

          I have a Vive & Gear VR. I’ll bet that these Oculus Gos will have annoying updates too. My phone easily comes out of its case. Dealing with headphones is annoying though. The hardest part for me is putting a newbie in it and trying to get them to control menus and such without me seeing what they’re seeing. It’s not more affordable if you already have the phone. Also, my phone has way more than 64GB of space (64 + 256GB micro SD). I won’t buy it, but I’m not the target.

          • David D. Taylor

            That was the point of my post, was that there is a place for it. As much as I want it, I can’t justify getting one because I already have the gear vr as well as Rift. But I totally see how this moves the industry forward, and provides a solution to some of the problems of mobile VR at the moment.

    • OkinKun

      As someone who used a DK1 to play through all the HL2 games a few times through, I can tell you this won’t be much of an issue, considering the high quality they’re making this thing. You can play quite a lot of games perfectly comfortably with 3dof, and there is already a huge GearVR library to take advantage of in that regard. This is a more casual/portable VR option, while still being higher quality than a phone-based setup.

  • Benjamin Baumann

    I have to correct you, since I’m german. It’s not a german site, it’s dutch! Don’t compare us with them 😉

    • Anne Lanting

      haha, yes that is true

  • Courtney A Jeff

    At least you won’t need a high dollar flagship phone or any phone.When they breakthrough the positional tracking barrier for mobile vr that would be a wonderful new frontier.This is at least something not needing a phone.The next thing for the premier headsets needs to be wireless since windows already cracked the barrier of desolving sensors.Praise Jesus!

  • K E

    The reasoning behind this headset is… interesting. It’s supposed to “open up mobile VR to those who don’t have a high-end phone.” The thing is, if you are not prepared to pay $600 for a phone, a device that is immensely useful in your everyday life, is it really clever to spend $200 on this totally unproven gadget?

    • Doctor Bambi

      Well the thing about unproven gadgets is there’s really only one way to find out if they’re worth their salt; release the product. Oculus Go probably isn’t going to be a run away success, Carmack himself said Go won’t sell anywhere near the number of GearVR units, but it’ll probably sell well enough. More importantly, this is a major step toward that first killer VR headset.

    • cirby

      I’d really like one to have for a travel device without having to tie up my phone, eat up battery charge, or fiddle with putting in in or out of the case every time.

    • daveinpublic

      It’s for people who want ease of use. Do you own a toaster or a toaster oven? A toaster oven has more functionality, but it costs more and isn’t as simple. People with a $600 phone still want that ease of use, and probably have an extra $200 for it.

    • Bobby Z

      I would say it opens up Oculus mobile vr to those who don’t own a Samsung phone. I have a rift but I always wanted to have a gear vr as well. I never got one because I don’t like samsung phones and I’m definitely not willing to buy one just for the gear vr. This device totally solves that plus it looks like it’s as comfortable as the rift.

    • you do realize this comes after years of experience with the Gear VR right? So i wouldn’t call it unproven AT ALL. And it will launch with a huge catalog of titles. Its success is guaranteed.

    • ES

      It’s not unproven since it is basically just another Gear VR with a better display. Would like to see 6 degrees of freedom too, but certain types of seated games like platformers would be fine. I don’t really consider this real VR, but it would still give an immersive experience to certain types of games. Platform games are much more amazing then I would have thought in an immersive VR-like device.

  • Nelson Tutorials

    I hope Oculus Go release date is announced at CES 2018 and Oculus open pre orders and that it will be available in most countries possible around the world. Portugal here.

  • Papias

    I wonder if it has a microphone. Since Facebook is trying to push social VR, it would be self defeating if it does not.