Oculus Kicks Off Summer of Rift Event With Sale, Store Credit

by Jamie Feltham • June 16th, 2017

Oculus might not have had the biggest E3 — a Lone Echo release date was it’s only announcement — but now that the event is wrapped up its emerging from the shadows and into the sun.

The company just announced its Summer of Rift event, which is to be a season of special promotions and announcements. As you might expect, it’s all kicking off with the summer sale on the Oculus Store. Discounts go live tomorrow and we don’t have any specific promotions yet, but Oculus is promising you can save on some of Rift’s biggest games including bundle deals for titles like The Unspoken and Superhot VR. Gear VR won’t be missing out on the deals, either.

Perhaps the more enticing offer is for those that don’t yet have a Rift, though. As we reported a few weeks back, Amazon and others will be offering new Rift and Touch buyers $100 in Oculus Store credit while stocks last. Given the sale is about to kick off, there’s a chance to grab a lot of great VR games and apps here on top of apps like Robo Recall and Lucky’s Tale that you get for free.

Don’t blow all your cash in one go, though; we’re also expecting the Steam summer sale to go live in the near future, which will no doubt offer yet more discounts on both Rift and Vive games. Who needs the real sun this summer when you’ve got the virtual one?

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  • I was waiting for this. Hopefully I can get a few of the game I really want at great discount prices. 😀

    • Bundy


  • chicanoterp06

    unfortunately/fortunately I have already bought all the games I had an eye on…might take a look at edge of nowhere, robinson and battlezone if there is a discount though I have been hesitant because I am prone to motion sickness…any thoughts on those games? I know battlezone just added a comfort mode but I wonder how effective it is

    • Me

      I can’t speak to the games you mention, but stay away from Minecraft. I still get sick just thinking about it.

  • Amado

    Gonna wait for fallout 4 vr

    • Me

      You do know that OR won’t be supported? I am sure that it will probably work, but if there are issues, Bethesda won’t care.

      I want it too, but I am going to wait until I hear from someone that owns both before I try it.

  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Please don’t support Oculus.

    If you have time, please

    Google Oculus Trump
    Google Oculus founder donates $100,000 to Trump
    Google Oculus founder surveillance for Trump

    Please don’t buy any Oculus hardware or software.

    When Facebook bought Oculus, Facebook payed $400m in cash plus 23.1m Facebook shares. So if you buy any Oculus hardware or software, Palmer Luckey makes money.

    Thanks for reading.

    • T Bone

      Look, I dislike Trump as well.

      The problem is that Oculus is the best HMD for what I personally enjoy using VR for, which is sim racing.
      Palmer is gone, most likely for the reasons which you have stated.
      Time to move on and let Oculus do what it does best.

      Why ask people to deny themselves one of the best VR devices currently on the market?
      That’s something Trump would do.


    • Coyoty

      Luckey is gone, and he’s already made any money he’s getting from Oculus. Facebook is trying to move on and so should we. Luckey has moved on to developing surveillance systems for Trump’s wall and has nothing further to do with Facebook or Oculus.

    • Ombra Alberto

      buy oculus is very great hmd.

    • Jonny

      Why would I care what the Oculus founder (who isn’t even working at the company any more) spends his money on? I wasn’t planning on buying any games on Oculus Home in the near future, but thanks to your stupid post, I most definitely will.

    • Unspoken

      I considered myself as a VR fanboy until people like you started your anti-Oculus propaganda. I have never cared which logo is stamped on my PC or it’s peripherals, but thanks to your kind nowadays I do. Your narrow-minded, black and white red neck view on the world has made me an Oculus fanboy, but just to piss people like you off. I’ve seen your posts for quite some time and you are only hurting your own cause. Silence is golden, they say…
      Over and out.

    • zflorence1

      Please don’t support partisanship. I’m sorry but there were people of all ethnical groups and genders who voted for Trump and I’m sure some of them play games and are into VR. Can we please stop pretending that the only people who support Trump are ignorant fools who can’t possibly understand the wisdom coming from the likes of CNN and the Huffington Post. I did not personally vote for him but being a moderate I strive to see the points on both sides and believe in bipartisanship. If “you have time” don’t rely on google for an unbiased search, it is filled with mostly attacks coming from the right. I do support the president of the United States and its time to stop treating everyone that does like lepers. I also support Oculus. ; )

      • Punk0

        Spending the majority of your post complaining about the left-wing media isn’t what i would call moderate, although the fact that you didn’t call anyone a libtard or snowflake might allow you to pass as in this day and age. I consider myself a moderate, and could counter that the largest right-wing media source has the least informed audience. Don’t act like the rep is totally unearned. The problem was never that P.L. supported Trump. It was that he was giving money to an organization that creates childish right-wing memes. I also bought a Rift, but I’m glad he’s is gone.

    • Christian Ortiz

      Don’t turn this into a political stance..
      I bought the Rift because:
      1) I love Gaming
      2) I Love VR
      3) The PSVR, GearVR, Oculus Rift are amazing headsets… sadly I cant afford a Vive
      4) I don’t care about who the Oculus founder supported! None of my Business

      I’m a Bernie Man (lol) but I will never bring politics into gaming.
      it just ruins the community of what we all share and love.

      Anyways I’m glad I picked up a Rift, to share and experience (roomscale VR) with Friends.
      Let people buy whatever they want. I’m sure glad I did

      • Me

        I soooo wish I could upvote this more than once.

    • KUKWES

      You are acting like we care. Keep the political crap off my entertainment. No one here cares. We just want great games and software. Time to block and another salty non vr owner.