Oculus Medium 1.2.2 Adds Video Playback And Reference Mesh Editing

by Jamie Feltham • September 7th, 2017

Seeking the inspiration for your next virtual sculpture? Perhaps Oculus Medium’s 1.2.2 update will do the trick.

The latest update to Oculus’ 3D content creation app hit yesterday and brings with it a host of new features. Users can now convert reference meshes into sculptable clay, for example, meaning they can import OBJ and FBX files with vertex color and texture mapping and then edit them within Medium itself as if they’d been created there from scratch. We’ve included the full changelog below.

Another crucial new feature is the ability to playback videos within Medium. Any content will play in a virtual window as you sculpt, meaning you could watch instructional videos using real (or virtual) clay and follow along in VR. Pretty neat, right?

Elsewhere, users will now be able to decrease the resolution on layers and reference meshes now support textures.

On the bug fixing side there’s a lot of minor tweaks and fixes including problems with friends list capping and crashes. The latest Oculus audio SDK has also been integrated for improved spatial audio, too.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get sculpting.

New Features:

  • Convert reference meshes to sculptable clay
    • Users can now import OBJ and FBX files with vertex color and texture mapping as reference meshes… and then convert them to sculpts in Medium!  After adding a reference mesh to your scene, just select the mesh, bring up its settings menu and press “Copy to Clay”
  • Decrease resolution on layers
    • This can be found in the layer menu, in addition to the previously existing “increase resolution” feature
  • Playback videos within Medium
    • When choosing a video to play it will play in the window while you sculpt as opposed to only playing in the library
    • Add videos from the sharing site into Medium (try some from our gallery: www.oculus.com/medium/artists/oculusmedium), or download videos from the Newsfeed in the Home screen
  • Reference Mesh import now supports textures
    • Include all required texture files alongside your OBJ/FBX inside the Medium import folder to bring colored References Meshes into Medium
    • Copy to Clay supports conversion of textured meshes into sculptable clay


Bug Fixes

Studio Share

  • Fixed an issue with the friends list being capped at 25 friends in Studio Share
  • Added iconography to indicate online status of friends in Studio Share


Sculpting and Layers

  • Fixed irregularities with surface constrain and clay tool
  • Fixed an issue with the sculpt drifting if it was moved between undo/redo operations
  • Hidden layers now stay hidden after entering and leaving the home menu.



  • Fixed an issue with stamp previews and stamp help dialog not appearing in recordings made on a previous version.
  • Fixed an issue with severe artifacting when using make stamp from layer from high resolution layers
  • Made stamp generation from meshes less dependent on watertightness



  • Fixed a crash when attempting to export meshes with 8k textures on min spec machines
  • Min sculpt origin scale is now .01



  • Integrated latest Oculus audio SDK for improved spatial audio.
  • Fixed a crash loading references from a previous version.
  • Fixed the bug that selecting anywhere on the keyboard returned the cursor to the front of the text.
  • Previews for reference meshes were obscuring tooltip dialog.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors in help dialog.
  • We’ve had to disable stamp sharing temporarily due to a technical issue.
  • Fixed a bug in which the home menu wouldn’t appear if a notification dialog was active.
  • Fixed a crash that prevented Medium from starting.
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