Oculus Slashes Rift Price Again: New Touch Bundle $500 When Sale Ends

by Jamie Feltham • July 14th, 2017

The Oculus Rift and Touch controllers are having their price permanently cut again for the second time in two months.

Right now the pair are on sale for an impressive $399, which is $200 off the standard price. Today, however, Oculus announced that, when that sale ends in six weeks’ time, the Rift and Touch will be available for $499. After strong demand, the company is also finally bundling the headset, controllers, and two sensors into one box. It goes on sale today from Oculus’ website and retail partners and you’ll be able to pick it up at the current sale price of $399 for a limited time.

We’ve reached out to Oculus who confirmed the new bundle doesn’t include the Xbox One gamepad included in the original Rift, which is used for playing games like Edge of Nowhere. It is, of course, possible to buy the controller separately, and many of these titles now emulate gamepad controls on Oculus Touch thanks to a recent software update. The Oculus Remote, which was included with the original box and used for simple navigation, also appears to be missing. If you’re planning on picking up a Rift in the current sale, then, it may be worth buying the separate boxes so that you still get these two input methods, if you can find it.

Still, an all-in-one bundle featuring both Rift and Touch has long been requested by the VR community. Aside from a PC, it includes everything you need to jump into VR and bring your hands along with you. If you want full room-scale experiences, however, you’ll need to pick up a third sensor, which costs around $60. You’ll also get the usual assortment of free content: Lucky’s Tale, Robo Recall, Medium, Quill, Dead & Buried and Toy Box are all free upon activating your Rift and Touch.

This is the second time Oculus has cut the price of the Rift this year, at first dropping the headset by itself to $499 and Touch to $99 at GDC in March.

That permanently pits the Rift at a full $300 less than the $799 HTC Vive. HTC has previously been adamant that it wouldn’t drop the price of its headset, but with such aggressive moves from Oculus of late we’ll of course reach out again and ask if the price will budge.

What's your reaction?
  • zflorence1

    This is awesome! Honestly happy for all future Rifter’s and this will go a long way to expand the Oculus market share, but can I get a show of hands for those who bought one just a week before the $399 sale. Feels great to spend money! : P

  • Walextheone

    Good news for the VR Community. More people to pc VR and we will see more titles and innovation =)

  • Schorsch

    I actually expected Oculus to hand them out for free by next month, seriously 🙂

  • cactus

    The actual discount, is 399$ (as said in the article and in the Oculus blog post) or 449$, I’m getting confused..

    • polysix

      the summer offer is $399 for the next 5-6 weeks! BUY IT NOW!

      AFTER THAT the price will got to $499 regular price (which is $100 or so reduced from the original price cut price before the summer promotion!)

      • cactus

        Thank you for clearing me that, the lack of coffe and the different prices € vs $ messed me up! : P

  • polysix

    awesome news that they will no longer sell a lone rift, no more fragmentation, more well thought out VR software with TOUCH ONLY controls!. I myself jumped on the summer offer on day one and gladly got the two box set (with remote which is a nice bonus and the gamepad which I’ll prob never use in VR and already have 360 pads but again it’s nice value extra so am glad I ordered fast). The all in one box is nice though, even if perhaps less plush than the current rift box? (cant really tell from photos). That said, I’m unlikely to pack it away much once its set up so I don’t mind having two boxes esp if I get the little extras that are worth something..

    I suggest anyone wanting this offer bundle get it asap, from amazon, best buy or w/e where they still sell the two pack bundle. If you can’t, you are still getting a hell of a great VR bundle even without the (shitty) gamepad and the (nice to have but hardly essential) remote.