Oculus Studios Promises ‘Months Of High Profile Rollouts’, Here’s What’s Coming

by Jamie Feltham • February 7th, 2017

Yesterday, Oculus announced the release date for what will be one of its first big Studios games this year, Rock Band VR. But there’s plenty more where that came from.

Following the news, Jason Rubin, Head of Content at Oculus, tweeted out a tease that the launch of the Harmonix music game was “Starting Months of high profile rollouts” for the headset, suggesting we’re going to see many more Rift and Gear-exclusive games in the coming months.

That’s a very exciting thought, but it left us wondering: “What exactly is coming?”

So we decided to round up all the Oculus Studios projects we know about right now and shine a spotlight on them below. Keep in mind we don’t have release dates for any of these games yet so we’re not sure how far away from release they are.


What Is It?: Made to showcase the power of Touch, this is a gritty underground shooter where you’ll use inventive weapons to take down monstrous and robotic enemies, making use of cover and highly customizable guns.

Who Is Making It?: 4A Games, which is known for the Metro series of shooters. They’re tonally very similar to Arktika, set in a bleak apocalyptic wasteland. This team knows a thing or two about making convincing environments.

Why Are We Excited?: 4A has plenty of experience in making moody, atmospheric shooters quite unlike anything we’ve seen in the VR industry so far. Arktika could prove to be a genuinely engaging VR FPS with a meaty campaign that takes us on an epic journey.


What Is It?: A first and third-person multiplayer warfare game, where you lead machines and soldiers into battle in a fight for what remains of the Earth’s resources. It is more top-down shooter than it is strategy game.

Who Is Making It?: Force Field VR, a new studio that’s dedicated to the technology and is making several Studios projects. We’re expecting big things from them going forward, not just in VR but in augmented reality too.

Why Are We Excited?: If you got into the recent beta that was available on the Oculus store then you should know. Landfall is proof that great gamepad-based games aren’t going anywhere now that Touch is here. The game is releasing later this month, so keep an eye out.

Lone Echo

What Is It?: A Touch-starring sci-fi adventure in which you navigate around a space station using your hands. A routine repair job soon turns into a catastrophic incident, and players will be left fighting for survival in the cold depths of space.

Who Is Making It?: Ready at Dawn, which is known for its graphical prowess. Games like PS4’s The Order: 1886 and the PSP God of War spin-offs pushed the hardware on which they were running to their limits, so we’re expecting them to do the same for Rift.

Why Are We Excited?: Lone Echo is easily the best-looking Rift game we’ve seen so far, but it includes some exciting gameplay mechanics too. Not only that, but there’s a very promising multiplayer mode to go with the solo campaign. We have high hopes.

Robo Recall

What Is It?: The automated future is here, and robots do a lot of jobs for us. Only this specific batch of droids has malfunctioned, and you’re here to take them back in. One problem? They don’t want to come with you, so they’ll have to be returned piece by piece.

Who Is Making It?: Epic Games. You know, the guys behind Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, and the Unreal Engine that so many developers use to make their VR projects. We expect great things from such a high caliber developer.

Why Are We Excited?: Epic knows how to make AAA blockbusters better than anyone, and we’re expecting them to make one of VR’s first. The best part is every Touch owner will be able to play it; Epic and Oculus are releasing the game for free.

Wilson’s Heart

What Is It?: A noir adventure game with a trippy horror twist. Wilson’s Heart has you using Touch controllers to explore a seemingly abandoned mental asylum, where you’ll quickly find yourself questioning what’s real and what’s in your head.

Who Is Making It?: Twisted Pixel, a studio that made its name back in the days of Xbox Live Arcade with the Spolsion Man titles. They excel at making quirky, experimental projects and this looks to be no exception.

Why Are We Excited?: Wilson’s Heart makes the best use of the Oculus Touch controllers we’ve seen in a game, and what we’ve played promises one of the most intriguing stories in VR so far. This is one of our most anticipated VR games in general, let alone from Studios.

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  • Content is the king… hope that these titles will make VR users more happy.

    …and I just want to play Robo Recall: its demo was really adrenalinic…loved it

    • polysix

      no, in VR *tracking* is king. Shame they forgot that.

      • Buddydudeguy

        Not everyone has issues. I don’t. But good job jumping on the hate wagon.

        • Paulo

          Fanboys are pushing their narrative as usual. Rift tracking sucks is the new cant do roomscale.

          No surprise coming from polysix.

      • GX Studio

        I’ve had zero problems with tracking so far. The Rift + Touch is absolutely amazing tech, why the hate?

        • Bundy

          I know, the VR fanboys are becoming just as bad as the NV vs ATI fanboys.

      • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

        Way to trigger them. Vive Master Race!

      • Jacob Dole

        Tracking maybe king, but content is queen!
        My 2 rift sensors track pretty well, sure they mess up with my back turned, but they look neater on top of the TV in my setup. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/098ea8d65234e50339eeeb550295c126b6f109cce5c275ce0914277538297d49.jpg

  • nargorn

    What about “Robinson The journey”?

    • Arv

      Robinson The Journey isn’t an Oculus Studios title. Also on the way are Narcosis and Sirens too. Some great looking games on the way this year, I can’t wait to play them all. Mind you, my credit card is now crying in the corner because it knows it’s going to get a battering lol

      • Andrew Barrett

        Star Trek: Bridge Crew is fairly soon as well. (not exclusive, but who cares – a fun game for Rifters, Vivers and PSVR guys to all play together. Count me in)

  • Frogacuda

    Landfall is coming very soon. I expect we’ll see Robo Recall in March or April. I don’t think we’ll see Lone Echo or Arktika.1 until late in the year, but I’d love to be wrong.

  • Benjamin Orlowski

    Great looking games! Can’t wait to try them when they are ported to the VIVE.

    • NooYawker

      Most oculus games work through revive.

  • David D. Taylor

    What about Giant Cop?! I can’t wait for that title!

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    God!!! i’ll will surely miss just selling my rift for those titles (just want to play Lone Echo and Robo Recall!!!) but the tracking is way sub par…
    sorry guys… just hope that HTC and Valve have such killer titles under their sleeve:-(

    • blueredgreenyellow

      Should of just kept both.

      • J.C.

        This is unrealistic. Currently there are only two headsets. When there are a half dozen, do you think people will actually buy all of them? This idea that it’s ok to lock a store to hardware (ReVive is a bandaid, not a solution) won’t fly when the next set of headsets show up.
        Oculus is currently surviving due to Valve taking the high road, while Oculus plays dirty. Honestly, if Steam didn’t support the Rift, would you still own one?

        • Jason

          Oculus are funding these games, surely they should be allowed a couple of months of exclusivity to their own store. The Vive should be able to play these without a mod/hack but Oculus haven’t added Vive to their own client/store yet for whatever reason. That is an issue, yes, and Oculus should be following the Valve model and allowing all headsets to work with their software. I don’t really want Valve to have yet another monopoly on games for VR and so far I haven’t seen overly many major games for the Vive coming out of HTC/Valve.

        • Bundy

          Valve’s not taking the high road. They added Oculus support simply because it’s in Valve’s best interest to support as much hardware as they can. Valve’s business is a store, they’re not a big hardware company. Oculus is buying and developing exclusives because they’re trying to sell hardware. I hope the Oculus store adds SteamVR support someday, but we shouldn’t wish for a Steam monopoly in the VR space. They already have too much control over the market already.

        • blueredgreenyellow

          “if Steam didn’t support the Rift, would you still own one?” Yes, yes I would still own a rift. Are you done whining. I don’t care to preach to someone who won’t listen regardless of what I say.

      • Sebastien Mathieu

        yes, sadly you’re probably right …. but i’m looking forward to the new headstrap and TPcast for the vive, even the trackers are an exciting prospect for the future… so i hope i won’t miss my rift to much 🙂

        • Bundy

          I suspect in 2 or 3 years when the next generation of headsets come out, they’ll all be wireless with inside out tracking built into the headsets, no external sensors required. What a time to be alone.

    • jlschmugge

      Do these games fit under their timed-exclusive policy? Meaning if the developer wanted to port to Vive after a month they can.

      • Sebastien Mathieu

        I think the 4 games mentioned here, have been paid buy oculus, so no timed exclusive there…

      • C.P. Garcia

        Didn’t you noticed the “Oculus Studios” before each trailer? These are Oculus funded games.. won’t be officially coming to the Vive.

    • Buddydudeguy

      Tracking is fine for me and many others. Calling it blanket ” sub par” tracking is flawed…even flat out incorrect. It’s not a universal issue.

    • Bundy

      Naa, tracking is just fine. I have zero issues with 3 sensors.

      • Sebastien Mathieu

        I think maybe it’s because of my notebook i dpn’t know if all the USB ports are all on the same bus….. but there is always tracking problem when i try to add the third sensor…

        • Bundy

          Make sure that two sensors are on USB 3 ports and the third is on a USB 2 port.

          Notebooks are an issue though. There’s more compromises in them than just CPU and GPU performance. What do you have?

          • Sebastien Mathieu

            MSI GT73VR, i7-6820HQ, 48gig of ram, dual Samsung 960pro 512 gig (in raid 0) and GTX1080

          • Bundy

            Must have set you back a pretty penny.

          • Sebastien Mathieu

            never told the real price to my wife:-) wich is 3400$ (in canadian dollar)

          • Bundy

            Yup, that’s the only way to do it. I never told mine the price of the Oculus, just said it was my 40th birthday present to myself and we’ll never talk about it again.

          • Sebastien Mathieu

            hehehe good move!!! after 25 years married, my computing expenses are the only things kept as secret😄

          • Bundy

            Yup. When she occasionally brings it up, asking why I need to upgrade *again*. I just say that she’s lucky I’m not a car guy. Cause I know a lot of car guys, and their kit costs WAAAAY more than my occasional video cards.

          • Sebastien Mathieu

            you read my mind man!!! same here😄

      • Solsland

        Same for me, no problems with 3 sensor tracking.

  • blueredgreenyellow

    I played “Landfall” on the open beta they just had. I didn’t know it was a twin stick shooter. It was fun. That and “Lone Echo” is a game ive been wating for from the time they first announced it. I really hope it doesn’t make me sick.

  • Saša Pavlešić


  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    Can’t wait to play them…on my Vive…hehehe

  • jlschmugge

    I think we are finally getting past that first-year slump of entry level games and a handful of full-ish experiences. It’s feeling very similar to what I remember of the first year of console releases.

  • veritas

    I have never tried Oculus Rift, but just by looking at the ‘players’ in the Wilson’s Heart trailer, none of them were wearing glasses. So is Rift ‘officially’ more geared to non-glasses wearers?

  • Royce Edgar

    i cant wait to play these new VR games with my new ryzenvega setup

  • Mauricio Morales K

    Of these I already played Robo Recall, it was incredibly fun, I just don’t know why it is so short! I wanted more and more. I am about to buy landfall and see what’s up with that game, looks good. I can’t wait for the rest.